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How to Fix Snapchat Notifications not Working on Android and iPhones

Users can receive notifications on Snapchat for new snaps, friend requests, or messages. Because of this, it can be rather annoying if you abruptly stop receiving them or if they

Ben Larweh By Ben Larweh 13 Min Read

How to Fix TikTok Username Not Showing or Not Found

Have you ever searched for a TikTok user's profile only to get the frustrating "Username not found" or "Couldn't find

Ben Larweh By Ben Larweh 16 Min Read

How to Fix TikTok Not Installing on Android and iPhone

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps, with over 1 billion monthly active users. However, many users

Ben Larweh By Ben Larweh 19 Min Read

Does TikTok Automatically Follow Accounts?

If you're a regular TikTok user, you may have noticed some accounts appearing in your following list that you don't

Ben Larweh By Ben Larweh 13 Min Read

Fix TikTok Not Allowing Text-to-Speech on Android and iPhone

TikTok's text-to-speech feature allows you to convert text into a computer-generated voiceover for your videos. It's a popular way to create content without recording your own voice. However, many TikTok

Ben Larweh By Ben Larweh 17 Min Read

How to Keep Instagram Story for more than 24 Hours

Like many other social media apps, Instagram has a feature where you can upload an update of a video or

Ben Larweh By Ben Larweh 6 Min Read

16 Ways to Fix Snapchat Story Disappeared Before 24 Hours

It can be frustrating when your Snapchat story disappears before the usual 24-hour period elapses. You took the time to

Ben Larweh By Ben Larweh 15 Min Read

16 Fixes: TikTok “Video Resolution Not Supported” Error

Have you ever tried uploading a video to TikTok only to get the dreaded "video resolution not supported at this

Ben Larweh By Ben Larweh 14 Min Read