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How to Fix Tiktok Liked Videos Disappeared, not showing up or Updating

by Ben Larweh
How to fix TikTok liked videos disappeared, not showing up or updating

If you are using Tiktok, there are some problems that you might face. In this article, we will discuss a very common problem faced by many users. The problem is that when you try to watch Liked Videos on Tiktok, it shows “No results” or “None found”.

This can be a frustrating issue for users who have already liked videos on Tiktok and want to watch them again. The problem is that if you have been using the app for a while, it can become very difficult to find the videos that you liked in the first place. In this article, we will discuss why this issue occurs and how to fix it.

Check the Internet Connection

If you have an internet connection, try to connect to a different wifi network, data connection, network or location. To test your internet connection, you can use websites like speedtest.net or dslreports.com. If your internet connection is not working properly, you should try to fix it first before trying to watch a video on Tiktok again.

Close the app & reopen it

If you’re still having issues with the app, try pressing the home button twice and swiping up on the Tiktok app to close it. Then reopen it again. This can sometimes fix any bugs that might occur within the app. Make sure that you have updated all of your apps.

Reboot your device

If you are not familiar with the term, a reboot is just like it sounds: turning your device off and then back on again. It’s a common troubleshooting step for a wide variety of issues, so don’t feel bad if this is all you need to do to solve your problem.

If you’re using one of Apple’s products, go to Settings > General > Reset and click Restore Defaults. Then click Turn On iCloud Drive (if it isn’t already on) before selecting Set Up as New iPhone or iPad when prompted.

You may also want to try resetting your network settings by going into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings instead of restoring from backup or setting up as new device if that doesn’t work for some reason (and it probably won’t).

Clear Cache & Data of the app

Clearing the cache and data of Tiktok can fix your issue. To do this:

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Tap Apps & notifications, then tap See all X apps.
  • Select Tiktok to open its app info page.
  • Scroll down and tap Storage > Clear cache > OK (you’ll see “Cache cleared” if you did it correctly). This will free up some space in your device’s memory so that the app will run more quickly next time you use it.” If this doesn’t help, clear data as well: go back to step 2 above, select Storage from the list of options again and then click “Clear storage”. You may need to repeat these steps several times if there’s a lot of cached content or other data associated with Tiktok on your device before trying something else like reinstalling the app or updating its latest version from Google Play Store.”

Check if you’re Blocked

If you’re blocked from the user, it’s possible that the user has blocked you on TikTok. In this case, there’s not much you can do except wait until they unblock you or try to convince them to unblock you. If they have truly blocked you, there isn’t a way around it unless they decide to change their mind and remove their block on your account.

If your friend isn’t blocked but is having trouble liking videos from another account, then it’s possible that their account may have been flagged for suspicious activity.

How to fix TikTok liked videos disappeared, not showing up or updating

It could be an issue with their device or location as well as other factors such as being underage and using a phone-based service like TikTok instead of an approved version like TicTalk Kids (Android) which requires parental approval before kids can create accounts under age 13).

The best thing someone in this situation can do is contact TikTok support so they can look into why this happened and hopefully get everything fixed ASAP

Use Private browsing mode

Use Private Browsing Mode

One of the best ways to fix tiktok liked videos not showing is to use private browsing mode. It will not store any history, cookies or other data on your device and thus you can clear your tiktok liked videos without having to worry about them coming back.

These steps can help solve the issue with Tiktok Liked Videos not showing.

These steps can help solve the issue with Tiktok Liked Videos not showing.

  • Check if you’re blocked. If your account has been blocked, the liked videos won’t show up in your feed and others will not be able to see them either. To unblock your account, follow these steps:
  • Open the app on your device and tap on “Saved.”
  • Tap on the three-dot menu button at the top-right corner of your screen and select “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to “Report” and tap it once again to open up an option where you can report a user who has been bullying or harassing you. Click on “Report” next to their name and then choose whether they’ve threatened physical harm or sexual assault (for example) towards you or someone else, as well as if they’ve sent anything offensive via private messages within TikTok—both are considered harassment by moderators at TikTok HQ who will take action against them depending upon what types of content were shared between both parties involved.


Hopefully, these steps will help solve the issue with Tiktok Liked Videos not showing. If you’re still having trouble with TikTok and the like, we recommend trying a different browser or device. You can also try clearing your cache and cookies to see if that helps. If those steps don’t work, you may have to wait until they fix it themselves—or simply delete the app altogether.

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