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Ultimate Hacks to Getting New Blog Post Ideas

by Ben Larweh
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Content is no doubt the solid element when it comes to blogging, it’s the very foundation of blogging, how will you cope when you run out of post ideas?

How will you keep your blog audience looking to visit again or how will you entertain them? If you keep asking yourself these questions then it is right you are on this page.

Developing blog post ideas can get pretty hard some point in time, how will you continue blogging when there is no new idea to implement in the long run?

I kept hearing this asking myself the same question in the past when I had no opportunity to come up with post idea.

I was even on the brink of closing my blog when I ran out old post ideas, it was at that I did more intensive research and found out there are lots of methods with which I can generate more blog post idea and it is unlimited.

Strategies work out well than you can imagine, once you get the strategy it becomes part of you, it works in cycle and will open your eyes to more untapped blog post ideas for your blog.

These methods will help you as it helped me when I was searching rigorously for new blog post ideas, by the end of this article you will never run out of blog post ideas even with your sub-niche website.


1. Make use of Blog Comments

Blog comments is one of the best source or should I say one of the methods to generate more blog post ideas, now that you heard blog comments you might have start thinking how will I get blog post ideas from comment?!

Well, it might sound funny but it’s true, I’ve used it and it works in developing content that your blog audience will find helpful.

Do you know when you go to a blog which provide you informative post and you dive to comment section appreciating the poster hard work and using the opportunity to ask for more detail about related topic, that is when you provide new blog post ideas for them.

It works the same way for you as a content writer or blog owner, when you write great content and you catch your blog audience attention and then come dropping comment about more post.

That way you can generate more post ideas that will bring in more blog visitors as there are lots of people looking for that same post you’re publishing, in fact these kind of posts do generate more search traffic as those topics are search on search engines like Google.

You don’t have to be limited to your own blog content comments to get post ideas, you can make use of your competitors blog post comments to get more blog post ideas, you can even enjoy the benefit of being the first to publish those post ideas if the owner of the blog isn’t harnessing the great opportunity. Aren’t you lucky?

To make sure you are utilizing the power of the post ideas you get from blogs’ comments, you should start using almost same key phrase as the commenter write and then use the opportunity to create an insightful that will satisfy your blog audience and make them share with the love that it end their search to answer to the particular problem.

You must keep in mind that you need to make your title and post contents SEO friendly no matter what, it will be a total waste to get only direct visit to such wonderful post, there are lots of potential audience out there waiting to find the post on search engine.


2. Use your competitor’s site

Visiting your competitor’s blog for more post ideas is more of fun than you think; you will find it easy to scheme through more opportunities.

This is not about or in any way related to copycatting, plagiarizing or stealing; this is merely used to help you generate more blog post ideas.

Using this method will help you generate long list of great post ideas with which you can start using your own ideas and research to make them meaningful.


You can never be accurate no one is, you will always find topics you haven’t covered yet on your blog.

Using this method you can do a great work by beating your competitor by creating topic almost same as on their blog and then make sure you do research to cover all about the particular topic, this will give you opportunity of beating them.

While you use their blog post ideas, it makes perfect sense for you to peek through their comments section for some hidden golden value to implement while writing on the same post.

Making your own version of the post better gives you the bigger share of the cake, you should understand that if a visitor is contented with the information you provided in your post then you can be sure to get your blog a committed blog user or more of a potential buyer.



3. Follow up on Social Media

Social media is the home to tools that will flourish your blog; it is one of the sources of getting traffic, and increasing your blog ranking with positive signal to boost that.

Apart from all these benefits you get the opportunity to get more blog post ideas to power up your blog with important content that your blog audience will love.

Social media stands as a hub to get more blog post ideas opportunity, the amount of post ideas you can generate through social media is not limited, it only depends on your skill to extract more.

-Using Twitter

Twitter is a great place to start for instance; it allows you to create polls or even tweet to ask your followers about their questions and problems.

Through the comments on your tweet you can evaluate and come up with different unique blog post ideas based on people’s questions.

-Find pins on Pinterest

With Pinterest you can get blog post ideas, with different range of pins to check into, using pins you will discover post you don’t find regularly, you can use pins to get related pins which will give you more post ideas than you can imagine. You can even save pins or search using keywords for endless loop of posts.

-Facebook – Groups especially

You can use Facebook especially groups to generate long list of blog post ideas, there are currently lots of groups from which you can use strategies to get new post ideas.

It will be superb if you have your own group, then you create a poll or ask everyone about their opinion or about those problems they face concerning your blog niche.

Just as my friend Sumit Sao has a Facebook Group which helps him get traffic and also uses the blog to work on relevant new post ideas, it’s a great thing to work on people’s want rather than random.

-Check out the mighty Quora

Quora is my favorite; it is very easy to find more interesting and inquisitive blog post ideas, it’s a hub to ask questions and get answers, if you join the relevant group you will find more topic based on keywords (Questions) from users who really want answers.

If you can harness the power of this advantage you will find yourself at a better position of getting longer list of blog post ideas, apart from this benefits you can use it to generate traffic.

Answer questions related to your blog niche with quality information, and then add your blog URL which links to the same topic to drive traffic; users which intent search are likely to become your blog true follower.


4. Try out the free Google Search suggestion

Google Search suggestion is worth trying if you are looking for blog posts suggestions, it’s really easy to use, no need to stress yourself.

It helps break general topic into more focused and targeted ideas which you can use to create blog post, this only require you to type the general keyword and then have the suggestion that will complete your keywords with related search phrases.

It’s good as it help you understand and discover what people with your blog niche mindset are searching on Google, the suggestions shows actual and trending searches from people.

If you don’t know what to search for, then use one of your published post title and you will be able to get more narrowed down ideas with can be used to aid the existing post.

Google also provide a related search at the bottom of the SERPs, it is very helpful in generating blog post topics people are already searching for, meaning you have the opportunity to rank for it.

When you use Google Search suggestion you will be confidence on the result because audience in your niche will always find it relevant and useful.

The only thing you need to do is improvise with your blog post and create post that will make visitors look no more for answers, make those post SEO friendly so you won’t lose the opportunity of rankling for it on Google Search.


5. Create a long list of blog post ideas

Finding blog post ideas can be hard as writing post content as such as its self, it’s recommended that you create a long list of blog post ideas, it’s not a good to start looking for blog post ideas when you are ready to publish content.

It makes you inefficient and wastes your time, if you can create that long list it will save your production time.

When you create that long list of blog post ideas, you then do your potential blog research and when you are ready to publish you can easily get that content ready.

It is best to work on sets of different blog topics at a time; this will increase at which you publish post.

You can start with at least 20 blog posts topic, it’s recommended for starter, so you won’t lack the ability to publish blog posts frequently.

Don’t rush things writing these 20 blog posts in a day is not an easy task, it’s better to do your research and come up with a solid post rather than random contents.


6. Use Analytics for blog post ideas

Do you believe that using Analytics is one of the ways to generate blog post ideas? Believe it or not, it’s a great tool to get related blog ideas.

One of the most popular analytics tools is the Google Analytics, and the popular Search Console is a webmaster tool which is also a well known source of blog post ideas if you know how to harness it.

These tools help you know about your blog audience, the keywords or topics that bring them to your site and also how they end up coming to your site using key phrase.

Google Search Console help you know how people interacts which some particular post, with that you can target your post to bring in more blog visitors from that angle.

The Search Analytics option in the Google Search Console give you insights on post your site rank for and is better factor which will help you increase rate at which you get blog post ideas for the right audience.

With the Google Analytics, you will be able to find which blog post bring in more visitors and with that you can focus on those posts by creating more supporting post.

It is one of the best free way to get more engaging blog post ideas.


7. YouTube Channel can do the trick

YouTube channel is another platform used by site owners and vloggers, with YouTube being the second-largest search engine in the world. It is one of the go to place for accurate and practical content to learn new things and skills.

It is easy to find different contents on the search engine, you can find more blog post ideas on the platform than you know, using a proper search phrase you will tap into the world of different information.

When you use the search phrase, you will be shown suggestions with which you can choose from to find related keywords which you can turn into blog post ideas.

Right below every video you will find related videos which will give you new blog post ideas like that of Google Search engine.

New ideas are surety on the platform as new videos are being published every second, even you can search for your competitors on the platform for more blog post ideas.

Using video titles you will never run out blog post ideas, from some of the videos you can find valuable key points to write to spice to your writing skills.

YouTube videos do have comments where you can discover more related blog post ideas which can help you write enticing blog post ideas.


8. Make use of Interviews

There are ways to generate blog post ideas and conducting interviews is one of the ways to come about different blog post ideas.

Guessing you already have audience with which can help with the conduction of interviews, I mentioned above that you can use social media, or make use of your blog to conduct interviews.

Ask them genuinely about post they should expect from you or request their problems and that you are willing to provide solutions, that way you can get people storming in with full blog post ideas.

They will give blog post ideas which they might want to search using search engines like Google and this is of a great advantage to you.

By the end of the interview you will find blog post ideas you haven’t thought about yourself and then you can start to create contents which will blow their minds.


9. Use Topic Generating Tools

There are bunch of tools you can use online, you can find a bunch of them using search engines.

These tools were created by creative and helpful blog owners who want to help blog owners to find new blog post ideas without having to go through hard times.

All you need to do to get these tools running too provide you exclusive blog post ideas is by entering your keywords and then you will see the magic.

We have different topic generating tools online and the most reputable and well tested ones will be mentioned.

These are one of the best topic generating tools:

  • HubSpot Blog Idea Generator – This tool works easily and handles all the processing for you when you enter your main keywords, you can generate blog post ideas which can last for a week. However it’s best to go for the premium plan as the freemium one can be limited to producing repetitive blog post ideas if overuse.
  • Answer the Public – This tool is best use to pull blog post topics from the giant Search engine Google which the largest search engine online and it is most targeted by blog owners. Once you input your keyword the tool pull data from Google to process combination of keyword which are searched by people online.
  • Ubersuggest – The tool do more for you than the regular online tools, extra features as providing you with information such as the difficulty ranking and number of searches of the keyword. You can use this tool to generate a long list of blog post ideas and this can help your productivity rate.



Now that you have learnt about ways to generate blog post ideas to wow your blog audience, all you need to do to make this steps effective is by following all the ideas to generate blog post ideas.

Work on these steps more and more and I assure you that you will start seeing changes, you will be able generate blog post ideas than ever, with this you will never run out of ideas.

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