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If you Remove Someone on Snapchat and add them back, will they know?

by Ben Larweh
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Have you ever found yourself in the awkward situation of deleting a friend on Snapchat, only to regret it later and wish you could re-add them without raising any suspicions?

If so, you’re not alone! Many Snapchat users wonder whether someone will be notified when they remove them from their friends’ list and then add them back.

If you removed your Snapchat friend for whatever reasons and want to add them back, you should, for a good reason, be concerned about notifications and whether the other person is alerted when you remove and then re-add them.

Let’s explore the details step by step.

How Unfriending on Snapchat Works

To understand the implications of re-adding someone on Snapchat, let’s first discuss the process of removing or unfriending a user from your friend list.

When you decide to unfriend someone, you are essentially removing them from your contacts.

You can actually remove someone on Snapchat without them knowing.

This means that their name will no longer appear on your friend list, and you won’t be able to see their Stories or send them Snaps until you add them back.

Does Snapchat Notify When You Remove or Unfriend Someone?

Snapchat does not send a direct notification to the other user when you remove them from your friends’ list.

The process is discreet, and the other person won’t receive a message or an email that they have been removed.

If you’ve unfriended someone on Snapchat and later decide to reconnect, you can add them back to your friend list.

The process is simple: search for their username, tap the “Add Friend” button, and wait for them to accept your friend request.

If you Remove Someone on Snapchat and Re-Add Them, will they know?

Yes, if you remove or unfriend someone on Snapchat and then re-add them, they will know.

When you add someone back, they will receive a notification that you have added them. This notification will show that you had previously removed them from your friend list.

In addition to the notifications they may receive, the unfriended person will see you in the list of those requesting friendship on Snapchat.

For instance, when you navigate to the “Add Friends” screen, you will a list of friend requests under the “Added Me” tab.

If you remove someone on Snapchat and add them back, will they know?

This obviously will make them wonder why there’s a new friend request from someone they knew was already a friend.

Snapchat also have some features that may alert your friend when they are added back, depending on their privacy settings and your actions.

By default, Snapchat sends a notification to users when someone sends them a friend request.

An email will be sent to your friend that “[your name] added you as a friend!

If you remove someone on Snapchat and add them back, will they know

So, if you’ve unfriended someone in the past and are now attempting to re-add them, they will likely receive a notification about your friend request.

Managing Your Privacy Settings on Snapchat

To maintain control over your Snapchat interactions and avoid potential awkwardness, it’s essential to understand and manage your privacy settings.

Snapchat offers various options to customize who can send you friend requests, view your Stories, and send you Snaps.

By tweaking these settings, you can exercise more control over who can add you as a friend and see your updates.

Communicate Clearly When you Re-Add a Snapchat Friend

In the world of social media, misunderstandings can easily arise. If you have a valid reason for unfriending someone on Snapchat and later decide to re-add them, open communication is key.

Reach out to them, explain your intentions, and ensure that they are comfortable with re-establishing the connection.

The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you have a genuine concern about the fact that you have for one reason or another removed a Snapchat friend and wondering what they will think after adding them when they become aware of it.

Therefore, be as candid as possible to this fellow and gain your friend back.

The human mind often wonders about the actions of others, especially in the realm of social media. When someone finds out that they have been removed and added back on Snapchat, they might be curious about the reasons behind the actions.

It could spark conversations or simply be a momentary intrigue.

Adding someone back on Snapchat after removing them might lead to some awkwardness, especially if the other person is aware of the action.

It’s essential to handle such situations gracefully and be sensitive to the other person’s feelings.

With the evolving norms of social media etiquette, it’s essential to consider how our actions can affect our digital relationships and connections.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of Snapchat, like any other social media platform, requires thoughtful consideration of our actions and their potential consequences. Being mindful of how our decisions impact others can lead to more meaningful and positive interactions on this unique platform.

In conclusion, when you remove someone on Snapchat and add them back, they won’t receive a direct notification of the removal.

However, if you send them a friend request, they might get notified depending on their settings. It’s essential to manage privacy settings, communicate openly, and be mindful of how our actions can affect others in the digital realm.


1. Can I re-add someone on Snapchat without sending them a friend request notification?

As of now, Snapchat does not have an option to re-add someone without sending them a friend request notification. The other person will likely receive a notification if you send them a friend request.

2. Will my Snapchat streak be affected if I remove and add someone back?

Yes, removing someone and adding them back on Snapchat may affect your streak with that person. If the other person hasn’t opened your Snap before you removed and re-added them, the streak could be lost.

3. How can I prevent others from seeing when I add them back on Snapchat?

To prevent others from receiving notifications when you re-add them, you can set your privacy settings to only accept friend requests from people you have added back.

4. Is it considered rude to remove and add someone back on Snapchat?

While social media etiquette can vary, some users may perceive this action as somewhat abrupt. It’s always best to communicate openly with the other person and explain your reasons for re-adding them.

5. Can I hide specific Stories from someone I’ve re-added on Snapchat?

Yes, you can customize who can view your Stories on Snapchat. By adjusting your privacy settings, you can choose to hide specific Stories from certain friends, even if you’ve re-added them.

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