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6 Proven Ways to Make Money Online- Top Ones

by Ben Larweh
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Are you in search of genuine ways to make money online? Well, I am happy to introduce to you a long list of ways to make money online.

There are lots of ways to make money online, you are about to learn how to make money online for free without having to pay for any tutorial or mind enlightening eBooks.

You have jam your own lucky post to mine the ways to getting rich gradually, all the steps and guides in this post have worked for many pros.

Pros are known for hiding their wealth secret to make them unique but with this post, you can get access to the long-awaited wealth secret for free.

To make this work for you, I have worked for weeks to compile the best ways to make money online (with some unpopular but skyrocket ways)

To begin this money making journey you might have mind bothering questions, let us start by answering these questions.


Are there ways to make money online?

 Depending on your available resources, there are lots of ways by which you can make money online. There are different opportunities open online; you only see what you search for and what your interests are.

Even though there are lots of ways to make money online, it is uneasy to find genuine and legit ways to make money.

Do your research about a particular online money making method you find before you invest your time or money.


Can I make money online easily?

Making money online can be easy in some ways; your personal goals are one huge factor that defines how easy it will be for you to make money online.

Some people have the aim of making money online quickly with less stress, this state of mind can make it difficult to earn easy online.

If you are serious about making a good amount of money online you need to have the mindset of working hard and putting your brain into working something out. This comes after the saying that good things are hard to get but can be gotten and also slow and steady wins the race isn’t just a mere saying.

To make money online you must be ready to give it all it takes to be successful, if you have some skills you must showcase and put in more work to generate more good experience.

Making money online doesn’t care about your age, state, country, or gender, all it wants is that you put in your best to create something unique.

Start with the aim of improving, never to relent even when you fall short of your dream. You must continue on the journey which will eventually lead to happiness.


Should I start an Online Business, is it late or too early?

There is never a time you can’t start an online business if you want, it is never too late or too early to get that your business registered and seen by people online.

The century we live in right now is much more open to different things with the rapid technology development it is time you think again.


People now stay online more than ever as internet connection and participation has been made easier than before. Businesses now have their place on the internet; you must have been seeing different businesses or companies online.

We have several famous online companies that earn good amounts of money such as Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, HP, and others.

Apart from setting up an online business, you can focus on giving services to people who need it, it could be a personal business. The internet is open to many possibilities to get you started.


What do I do to know if it’s a real deal?

Like I said above the internet is full of different money-making opportunities to start with but where the good guys stay the bad guys.


It is your responsibility you don’t get scammed while looking for online money-making opportunities. To avoid getting scammed by the bad guys you need to take this into note:

Making Money online without working does not exist

To make money online you must work, invest, and be patient along the line, there is no word for Free Money online.

When you see people talk about quick and easy money-making businesses then you must remind yourself that these businesses will not last.

Businesses that stay longer are those that have a good foundation with the founder sweat and blood paving the way to greater heights.

In case you get across fishy businesses online offering get rich quick schemes to be sure to do your research and find credibility.

To make sure you steer clear from online businesses that will leave you penniless, you have to eradicate the mind to getting rich quickly.

Do note that not all online businesses that offer you a high amount for your skills or even allows you to make good money do not scam.


Lastly, Am I ready to invest my time, money, and patience?

You are already familiar with the term that investments are crucial to start a successful business no matter if it’s online or offline based.

This is the right question to ask yourself if you are ready to start an online business, online businesses always require you to put in your best to it to become successful.

It may be your money, time, and patience that you will be required to put in to make the business grow, before you can reap something good you have to sow something good too.

While you may be required to invest your money in some parts, always invest without panicking as long as you have the aim of becoming successful.

When you invest your money you will be required to exercise patience to see and monitor how it improves, the result might not come easily but you must not relent.

If you want your business to stay active for long years, then investing your time and patience must be part of your top priority.

After the long wait with your good investments, you will actually make it big, no income is small; you must progress continuously to reach that height.


Now that you have your heart burning question answered, we must now proceed to the next step where we will share the best money making methods.

Now to the part to discuss the best ways to make money online:


1. Start a Blog and Earn for doing what you love

Are you surprised that you found this as the first one I put to recommendation? Well, don’t be surprised, starting a blog or blogging has been the best way to earn income online.

One of the perfect ways to make online is by starting your very own blog, the best thing is to work on the thing you love to do or know best.

You must have been seeing different websites online; it’s becoming a trending way people earn a living.

There is no day you search for the information you don’t get redirected to a website or blog, you must be wondering why the owners of the blogs or website are giving so many values away for free.

There is always a catch for these good people giving out valuables things and information without t asking you anything in return, they make money from you visiting and reacting with their blog and contents.

Starting a blog nowadays has been become so easy that you can start your own blog yourself without paying someone to do it even if you are not familiar with the term.

To begin with the process of getting your own blog, the cost has become so low compared to the past few years that it takes some fortune to hire website designers to get your ready.

It doesn’t cost you up to $100 to start a brand new blog and the rest costs you only about $60 per as you continue on the blogging journey, so why won’t you start now while you got the time and money?

Blogging doesn’t take much from you like other businesses out there online; you only have to work on your passion while you get paid for doing what you love best.

To start or manage a blog doesn’t clarify whether you are a man or woman, father, or mom; there are lots of moms who are bloggers who make money blogging from home.

I will give some examples of moms who earn passive income from home through blogging; this is not a hard process if you have your mind on the goal rather than the stress.

One of the advantages of blogging includes becoming the boss of your own business, work from home, having the opportunity to handle family matters, work on your personal life while you earn, and also to follow your passion may it be traveling, cooking, or gaming.

There are lots of blogs that have a focus on the travel and tour niche, tech gadget review niche, gaming niche, cooking niche, and others.

Blogging gives you an open opportunity to follow your passion while you make money while doing so, if you love cooking you can share your skills with people who want to learn how to cook.

 Your blog will take care of the ingredients and cost of doing so, as it progresses online.

Enough of the long talk, I’m sure you are now curious to know how to start your own blog and make passive income just as I’ve explained.

Well, the process is kind of easy to get started with; we will brush through this together so you can decide how you can create your blog.

As I have mentioned you should follow your passion before you create a blog to ensure your success in the competition.

Pick a niche

Picking a niche (the main objective of your blog) is the first to do before you do anything, let’s say you love hiking you can choose to teach people how to do it like a pro.

This will become your blog niche, the area you will focus and this will give people the notion of what to expect from your blog posts.

Choose a name for your blog

To make your blog stand out from other blogs online you must choose a unique name. it may be your name but make sure you include your niche name in your blog name.

 For example, if you want to venture into the cooking niche then your blog name can be Janetcookblog or any other you can decide for yourself or use an online blog name generator.

Choose a host

A hosting service provider gives you the option to host your blog; it is more like renting space online.

You pay to get hosting, it is important to choose the best hosting service provider as it is part of your blog success promoter.

There are many hosting service provider online, Bluehost is among the best hosting service provider you can use to power your blog.

Set up your blog

Now that you have a name for your blog and a host, it is time you go for a proper setup process to get your blog online as soon as possible.

To make the blog set up process easier for you as a beginner, I have created a blog post that will guide you on how to set up your blog easily with no prior knowledge.

After you set up your blog you are on your way to making money from your blog, now you can drive traffic to your blog (bring people into your blog).

 You now can start marketing your blog which will bring in you more income.


2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to earn money online, becoming an affiliate marketer requires you to promote some chosen companies’ products or services and in return, you get paid a commission depending on the sales amount.

The process is simple but requires you to work generating sales, the more sales you generate the more money you receive.

There are lots of affiliate marketers out there, these people earn a good amount of money.

 I mentioned in my recent article that an average affiliate marketer earns around $1,000 – $50,000, all these are from the commission they get when they refer buyers to their chosen products.

To make money through affiliate marketing you have to work with some merchant or affiliate companies’ which will provide you with products or services to promote.

There are lots of these companies online; you just have to find the right one for you.

To make affiliate marketing easier for you, you must have the mindset of creating a blog that is meant to promote your blog efficiently.

A blog is much more effective than other ways to present your chosen products or services. With a blog, you can create contents that will increase buyers’ urge to buy through your affiliate link.

Using your blog you can start creating helpful content that will benefit your blog audience greatly, and then when these blog contents deem useful to your blog visitor they will be willing to buy through your affiliate link.

You don’t have to doubt if a blog is the right factor in generating more affiliate sales, it has proven effective than any other marketing channel.

Others marketing channel works too but the blog is different and works great. We have social media network as part of the sale promoting channel, it also works great.

You can start with your personal or business Facebook page to market your products and services or even make use of your Twitter or Instagram page.


Before you go around choosing just any product or services see this:

  • Select profitable niche: Niche is crucial, you must plan well before you go with any niche, your blog and affiliate marketing standard solely depends on it. To make sure you make money from affiliate marketing you must analyze to see and choose the right niche. You should be sufficient in niche knowledge before you choose because you will come around people who need your help concerning this. Provide a niche you can work on to provide extraordinary contents which people will find nowhere else.
  • Choose the right product – It is important that you do your research and make sure those products or services are in line with your niche. You have to do this right because your blog audience must feel the need to buy those products you are trying to promote. One wrong product will only waste your efforts, money, and time, choose carefully to optimize your affiliate sales. For example, I work in line with blogging and hosting, so I choose Bluehost hosting affiliate as my product. It makes it easier to serve people who need a valuable hosting provider with the right one.
  • Choose quality products: Just choosing the right product is not the only step to take before you start the affiliate marketing journey. You have to choose quality products, this is necessary as an affiliate marketer who cares about his buyers. Make sure you’ve either tried those products or use the services or received reviews from people who have used them before you start recommending them to your audience.


After you choose the best products you must now embark on the journey of choosing affiliate networks.

  • Choose affiliate companies with your niche: Affiliate companies within your niche range are the preferred option, never go wrong with this. It is hard to promote products that your blog audience won’t find helpful or attractive to buy. Working alongside affiliate companies in your niche will give you a set of tools and opportunities to promote your affiliate links effectively.
  • Choose reputable affiliate companies: Affiliate companies are all over the internet only you can choose the ones you want to work with. To succeed on the affiliate marketing journey it is a must for you to choose reputable affiliate companies. These affiliate companies will make it easier for you to promote products and services. Their brand name will even help you confirm people to trust your words by making purchases.


To get started with your affiliate sales promotion you have to do these, I will mention a few of those things

  • Start a blog: Starting a blog is the best option for an affiliate marketer; it makes it pretty easy for you to generate sales with relevant and helpful content you provide on your blog. With a blog, you can bring in more visitors which will convert into potential buyers if you help them through your content.
  • Create good content: To make people buy through your blog you must be someone who provides helpful content on your blog. People only trust someone who helps them with their money, you must continually create and share contents that solve visitors’ problems.

  • Promote your blog content: Now to the best part which leads directly to your reward, it is the best thing to start promoting your blog content. There are various ways to do that, ranging from applying SEO to your blog, Paid traffic, and others. When people visit and find your blog helpful they will definitely buy your products as long as you solve their problem through those products.



3. Become a Freelancer

Do you have some skills which can be offered to clients who require services? If yes then you can go with this one.

One of the ways to make money online is by becoming a freelancer, there are a different set of skills which can make you a freelancer. If you possess some skills such as web designing or development, graphic designing, writing, marketing, and others, then you can become a freelancer.

For example, I am a website designer, SEO, and content writer, so I offer my skills as services to potential customers and earn money.

This gives you the opportunity of offering your skills as a service to potential clients who dearly need them, we have lots of people in the freelancing arena.

These people have become successful and make six-figure through their freelancing career, it is sure that you will make good money if you have the skill and put in more marketing effort.

To get your work and skills across to potential clients you have the option of joining freelance posting sites which makes it easy for you as a freelancer to be awarded contracts.

Clients also make use of these sites to get through with freelance for their service, there you can select and search for clients who want your services.

Then you bid and if done well you get awarded a contract when you are done you get paid for your services (you might even get a tip)

To succeed in getting awarded a job, you need to convince clients that you are the best that you can do a better job.

 Make sure you have your resume or portfolio intact and then offer it to your clients to secure the work.


To succeed in the freelancing business you have to:

Know your skill & goal: It is important to know your skill to know your boundary and reach. You need to improve on acquiring new profitable skills. You need to extend your skills to make sure your clients understand that you are capable enough. Your goal is to determine if you will go into freelancing totally or you want in per time.

  • Find clients: Getting better clients is the next stage; clients are needed to make things go smoothly. Target potential clients and give them services more than they expect then you wait for a recommendation. Once you make a good deal with the right client it can skyrocket your freelancing career forever.
  • Improve your marketing skill: Finding the right client is not enough, you need to reach out to more people or companies who are willing to take upon freelancers for the bigger fish. Never wait for the skills you have, instead, you should improve them and reach out to other related people. Create awareness by contributing to free projects and then show off your skills and you will see potential clients flooding in to experience your good skills.

It is a sure thing if you can maximize your skills and get hold of good customers that your freelancing business will boom and become a great source of income for you.


4. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is one of the ways which can serve as a source of your income, in the long run, being the world’s second-largest search engine. The platform has become a source of income for people who have an interest in creating interesting video content that thrills people.

Right now YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world, it receives more than 10 billion people with more than 70 billion videos watched every day.

To make vloggers or YouTubers create more interesting videos, YouTube came up with a monetization method to reward these people for creating videos with their skills, talent, and even for doing what they love.

YouTube recently made some changes to its monetization program, to get the monetization option enabled you to have to cross the boundary by having over 1,000 subscribers and have your videos watched for more than 4,000 hours in the past 12 months.

With you crossing the bar you can be sure to make money if you continue to create amazing video content, the monetization option makes it possible for you as a YouTuber to make money with your videos.

Once you cross the minimum, you will have to apply for the YouTube monetization option(YouTube Partner Program) and when you get approved you can proceed.

People nowadays become celebrities through their YouTube channel, the work is almost too easy for them when they know what they are doing.

When your video gets monetized, ads will start to show in your videos and this will bring in your money for every 1,000 views they get, the rate of $1-$5 on the norms.

That might seem like a few money when you start but you will understand that you can make it when you create 20 videos in a month and get 100,000 views on each, now do the math you’d be earning approximately $4,000-$10,000 every month for that only not to talk of hitting a million views per each, isn’t that great?

To make sure you do well in the YouTube arena, make sure you:
  • Create video content with your skills: To succeed and make people think you are relevant you have to use your skill to create extraordinary video content. You can teach people how to do things in your videos, for example, some YouTubers teach people how to tie a shoelace, how to make up, or even how to bake a cake. There is no limit to what kind of video content you can create; just do whatever people want from you better.
  • Create helpful video contents: There is nothing better than helping people with your videos, this will not only bring your views but also help you build a great community of lovers who will be willing to watch your new published videos from time to time. People love those who help them and will be willing to do anything in return, watching videos is just a small task. Entertaining people is part of ways to help people, giving those contents like comedy, celebrity talk, amazing performance, and others.

To begin the YouTube journey, you must set up your YouTube channel and then furnish it by creating video content, to begin with. To get started with the process you must have in place a Google account (Gmail) and then log in to YouTube with it.

Then you navigate to the section where you will see create a channel, with you clicking on that you will begin the creation process easier.

You will be asked to choose a username for your channel, kindly make it easy and catchy to understand. You will be asked your region, choose your country, fill in your details, and add keywords (words that are relevant to your niche). Attach your social media accounts or personal website if you have any for your YouTube channel.

Now that your YouTube channel is ready, you have to upload those amazing contents that you’ve created. To make it easier for people watching to have good times watching your video make sure its high quality and has clear audio.

It is preferable to get a professional camera but if you are unable to afford that, you can make use of your high-end camera phone to shoot video and make use of tools like Tripod to avoid shaky videos and also microphone jack for a proper audio caption.

To make it more cultured and interesting, edit your videos add interesting features as much as you can but never do it to make your video stuffy, make it simple to watch.

Now that you have your video, you now upload it and the necessity (Video title, tag, keywords, and description) to make your videos trend add your attractive video thumbnail.

As soon as your videos are uploaded then you can start sharing with your social media pages, share with your family and friends to start with.


5. Flip Website and Sell Domain Name

One of the ways to earn money online is by flipping websites, people buy and sell websites and earn money through the process. Some people even create random sites from scratch when it becomes good either in the search engines or performing well and they then go on by selling them to potential customers who are ready to but the site.

Selling domain name is also one of the ways to make online a source of income, you can be the early bird by buying domain names that are unique and then later sells it for much more price in the future.

Some companies have made it simple to make money when you sell their business name to them to start their online presence. These companies buy a unique domain name for as much as $10,000, this is pretty good money for one sale.

You might then take this as a profession when you become good at it and it continues to work for you continuously.


6. Write eBooks

Writing and selling eBooks is one of the ways to make money online; it is never easy to write eBooks but can be if you have a passion for eBook creation. You can start making off your eBooks when you write pretty good ones, people will be willing to buy after tasting the first one.

Work on yourself by creating eBooks with your skills, experiences, and give more solutions to people’s problems in a simple way. You can use this to skyrocket your business. You can even use this as a promotion to get the word of your business out to people.

There are lots of sites online which allow you to earn money by selling your eBooks in form of PDFs online to people.

Just like my blogging friend and partner Ryan Biddulph, he sells his eBooks through Amazon by becoming an associate of Amazon. He creates contents to market his eBooks and solve people’s problems with his eBooks.



Making money online isn’t a myth, it is very possible and as I have said at the beginning of this post it takes time and patience.

The above ways to make money online have proven real that is why I have taken my time to write about them. I personally work as a part-time freelance content writer and website designer.

Work with diligence and dignity to increase your money-making percentage online, skills and these are important.


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