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Pro blogging tips- Leverage what you have

by Ben Larweh
leverage what you have

Leverage what you have

I do not spend all of my time writing and publishing new blog posts and guest posts.

Even though I do spend much of my time creating new content I also edit, update and leverage what I have to grow my readership.

I just spent a bit of time editing my first few blog posts on BloggingFromParadise.

After removing bad links, linking out to authority blogs and linking to newer blog posts through these oldies but goodies I updated each post and shared the post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Being a professional blogger involves leveraging what you have already created to:
  • Be current
  • Be evergreen
  • Prune posts of low quality or dead links
  • Maximize your traffic
  • Maximize your profits
  • Promote posts new readers never saw
  • Promote posts old readers may have missed

Although I give a small amount of time and energy to updating and sharing old blog posts – since I am busy publishing new content – I see the benefits of leveraging what you have to reach as many people interested in your as humanly possible.

Observe my activity from earlier today. Removing low quality links and dead links instantly improves my blog link profile and boosts my credibility.

Readers and Google scan a higher quality, higher credibility post, increasing my social shares, traffic and profits potential.

I also promote each updated post through my social media handles to increase traffic and profits potential as well.

Promote what you have to leverage each piece of content you create. Leveraging is a form of optimizing because editing, updating and sharing content creates a higher quality, more robust post drawing increasing traffic and profits.

More people see the post through my shares on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

More readers share the post on social media or through their blogs because people promote quality content.

Never write off old content. As long as the post, video, podcast or guest post yields timely value, promote old content from time to time through social media.

Consider editing, updating and even republishing old blog posts sometimes to offer readers a fresher, high quality, timely solution through the edited blog post.

One of my Twitter buddies retweeted an old post today I published in 2014 but edited, updated and shared on Twitter today.

This was actually my first post on Blogging From Paradise.

She increased my traffic and profits potentially but only because I leveraged what I had through an update and by sharing the post on social media.

Keep publishing new content too. Embody an abundant mindset to increase your exposure.

Some bloggers make the common error of trying to squeeze so much traffic and profits through a single piece of content that they hold back on publishing new content for days, weeks or months.

Meanwhile, seasoned, pro bloggers tend to publish content daily or at least every few days.


Publish new content routinely but leverage what you have to make every piece of content work for you, over the long haul.

I published way too many blog posts and guest posts to re-promote every one over weeks or even months but I can edit, update and share a few blog posts daily to leverage what I have and to slowly but steadily re-share all content I have created over the years.

Never forget, write off or completely ignore content you published in the past. Leverage old content to make it work for you.

Every post you ever published is a brand advocate, spreading your word, boosting your traffic and increasing your business.

Leverage what you have to accelerate your blogging success.



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