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How to Increase your Blog Traffic and Double Earnings

by Ben Larweh
increase your blog traffic

Blogging is great; it is the most effective way to interact with people who wants to learn from your knowledge.

Seeing how different blogs are being created these days we sure know it’s a strong competition.

Starting a blog is easier but starting a successful blog is not easy as traffic is the backbone of a successful blog.

Increasing your blog traffic is the hardest part; it is the only factor that keeps a blogger blogging in the long run and how to get the traffic to your site to keep you blogging is what we are going to talk about now.

You don’t need to be an expert SEO to get traffic coming to your blog neither do you need to be a marketing expert in order to get your blog out to potential visitors.

The only things you need to do are following the best methods and carry them out perfectly.

What I am going to share with you in this article is the best practice and the easiest methods to multiply your blog traffic as pro bloggers do.

Do note that these methods I am going to share with you have been used by me many times and I can assure you that they worked for me greatly, and you know what I still use them and they still work like magic for me.

Without a long talk let’s get started by introducing these proven methods to you.

Methods To Increase Your Blog Traffic Fast

1. Write more creative and helpful content

The most important part of creating a traffic-generating blog is by creating content that is helpful, informative, and comprehensive.

Writing a well comprehensive content is the best thing to start with, it is said to be well detailed to help users get the contents they are looking for, an answer to their questions, a solution to their problems.

What do you do when you search for a solution to your problem and landed on a blog that offers half-made solutions?

You flee right? And then go to another blog that offers the same solution and might not even come back to the current blog.

That’s the way your blog visitors feel when you don’t put an end to their problem, you have to think like them to know what they want.

It is not always about writing content for any sake but to help your blog visitors get the content they want.

To create helpful content for your blog visitors you need to make sure you cover every aspect of any topic you are covering.

This tends to make your blog users stay contented with all the solutions you offer in your content, creating this kind of content will put an end to further search on another blog.

These comprehensive contents are what I call cornerstone articles and they stay on the blog homepage for a while.

All you need to do to help these kinds of content get the attention they need is by giving them strong keywords to back up and then give them full detailed words.

To help aid your blog keywords, create as much as comprehensive content you can to expand your blog authority for those contents.


Below are the recommended tips to help create cornerstones contents:

Cornerstone contents are to be created with the mind of updating them regularly.

Cornerstone contents are evergreen contents, they never get old as they are created to last forever.

To keep them informative and ranking you need to update them with newer information regularly.

These contents can come in any form; it could be a tutorial, review, comparison content, how-to guide, and many more.

Cornerstone contents are meant to be more comprehensive and well detailed.


They should contain in-depth information to cover all aspects of the topic.

Your cornerstone contents must contain images to help make the information you are trying to convey less boring and to lighten up.

Note that the images you are going to provide must tally and speak most of the work for you better.

Now let us move on to another method that will help increase your website traffic fast.

2. Write powerful headlines

Writing great content with more resourceful information is nothing without a compelling headline; headlines are one of the important factors to take note of when writing an article.

The greatest content online will go unread with a poorly written headline, it is only when the headline is attractive that users will want to know more.

You need to work on your headline; just one article with good headlines can drive more traffic than you had for a whole week.

It is the frontier that does the click work for every content, it creates curiosity in the heart of the user.

So it is better to work hard on an attractive headline before publishing those contents.

3. Make your website responsive

This is a great factor to consider if you want to bring back an existing user; it defines the look of your site to users.

This showcases your site, a site with a bad layout will chase off any user.

For example, serving a mobile user, a layout made for desktop is a total turn-off.

If your site is still unresponsive then you are asking users not to come to your site, so make sure you are getting the traffic your site deserves by making sure your site is responsive.

4. Make your website content readable

The method above deals with creating more comprehensive content and this method is to guide aid the content you want to write.

Although users and search engines are a lover of blogs that provide comprehensive content yet user finds it hard to cope with blogs that have contents that are difficult to read.

No matter how helpful your blog contents are, people will always get pissed off when they try to digest information in your content and they find it difficult to read.

Difficult content will scare away your blog users and they might not open to read another post because of their first experience.

Make use of the following tips to make your contents readable

Improve your blog content by making use of content readability checking plugins such as Yoast SEO.

This plugin comes with a built-in tool that helps you check and improve your content readability. You can make use of other online tools.

Make improvements to your content look by changing to more readable fonts, giving it more line spacing, and increase the size.

Use videos, images, infographics, and other visually engaging elements.

These elements will help to make your content more engaging and easier for your blog users to understand you.

Always make sure your contents have short paragraphs and sentences. This will help aid your content look and they make it easier to read.

Check out for typographical errors by making use of grammar checkers.

Using grammar checkers such as Grammarly will help your site content a lot better for reading and understanding.

5. Make use of links

Links play an important role in SEO; apart from creating good content you must sure you are building links for your site.

To back this up, Google makes use of links as an important ranking factor, this being said that you have to take care of your site link building.

Link building affects the overall performance of your blog and it serves as a signal that judges rankings in search engines such as Google.

Below are the importance of link building

  • Link building helps to aid your site ranking in search engines, it makes search engines like Google trust exceptionally when you have quality links.
  • Links can help you get more page views especially internal linking when placed with proper strategy help pass authority to other pages and also reduce the bounce rate.
  • Backlinks from high authority sites can give your site a surge in traffic just from referral traffic not to talk of organic traffic.

Types of link building

Internal links

This type of link-building method helps search engine bots find other posts related to the current one.

When you place good internal links by using the right keywords then you are helping the other article get the ranking it deserves.

Internal linking is done from your site and it is easy to get it done, all you need to do is to make it flow throughout your site naturally.

 External links (Backlinks)

This link-building method helps to rank your site higher in search engines, as it is one of the ranking signals.

When you get backlinks from other sites, this means that your site can be trusted.

Backlinks work best when you get backlinks from a site that share the same niche as yours, it is said that in-content linking is more worthy than profile backlinks.

Although backlinks are hard to get if you follow steps to getting backlinks you will find it easy.

Apart from the benefit of getting more authority, you will experience exposure and referral traffic directly from sites that are linked to you.

With these two links building methods, you can increase your blog traffic fast, I recommend you to take link building seriously as it will help your site grow.

6. Work on your website speed

Nowadays no one wants to wait for another second to get the information they require, all we want is an instant answer to our problem.

So it is very unlikely that visitors will stay on a blog that loads way too slow, exiting is what they’ll do when a blog is taking forever to load.

Website speed is an important aspect of ranking, search engines like Google consider website and load time as one of the important ranking factors.

It serves as a ranking signal so you shouldn’t overlook it.

To speed up your website load time you need to optimize your website performance by using some optimization methods such as caching, compressing, and optimizing your blog images.

In order to help you fix the website loading issue, I have created a step-by-step guide on how to increase your site speed which will help you without spending unnecessary money.

By the end of the article, you will find your website loading in a flash and this comes easily.

7. Revive and share your blog old posts

Yet another working method to boost your site traffic easily.

Old posts are valuable and can bring in more traffic to your site, evergreen content work best.

Sharing your old blog post will bring in more new site visitors and other visitors that haven’t seen that kind of content on your site.

Let’s say you publish only one article per day and you share them to your social media pages, with that you won’t have more posts to offer.

Instead of that go ahead and bring in more revived old posts that you think people will find helpful at the moment.

This also benefits your social media page as it makes it more active and engaging at all times.

Try doing this more over time and increase your website traffic fast by doing nothing but reviving old posts.

8. Create your social media community

This method is used only by few bloggers, and to be honest it should be used by every blogger who wants to increase their site traffic.

Starting your online groups gives you unlimited access to increase your blog traffic for free; you can go on by creating free online groups on popular free platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn and then start inviting people to join.

You can also promote your group on your blog to keep your current blog visitors and make them stay forever.

As long as you give out helping posts in your community it will continue to grow so will your blog influence continue to grow.

Your group active participant will do the hard work for you by sharing your blog posts and thereby increasing your blog popularity.

This can turn into a traffic generator machine over time, powering over 40% of your site traffic and you won’t have to worry about traffic but focus on creating more helpful posts.

9. Create an Email marketing list

Getting traffic to your site might be tricky sometimes, it is easy for you to get some new blog visitors but it is hard to make existing site users comeback.

To increase your blog traffic you need to work on making current blog visitors become existing and engaging blog visitors.

To keep your current blog visitors coming back you need to convince them to subscribe, your post can do the trick for you.

If your blog posts are helpful you will be able to convince your blog visitors to subscribe with no hard work.

Although users can subscribe to your website’s social media page that doesn’t guarantee you to get the attention of subscribed users as it is only some of your posts that will get to their reach.

That is why it is recommended that you start building an email list right and get hold of the potential advantage.

Email marketing is so much easier and it sure does convert, you own your email list subscriber and can reach out to them with the appropriate content.

It is highly effective, it also makes sure your blog post gets to their inbox at the right time, and also you can use it to drive sales.

As soon as you have an email list then you are entitled to send out newsletters that convert to more site visitors.

10. Be part of the Q & A community

This is one of the ways to build an online presence for yourself as an author, it also gives you access to free backlinks and traffic.

I have seen Q and A websites rank higher in search engine results than most well-known blogs online, they are known to help users find answers to their questions, and that what is search engines are all about.

Answering question on such websites give you traffic, imagine getting your answers featured on the first page of Google won’t that be great? Yet it is.

When your answers stay live for a long time it becomes part of the reference to other questions and this drives you automated traffic as time goes.

However, you must tread softly, don’t go posting your content links all around, which is considered as spamming and unnatural linking.

Most of the time it becomes part of the way by which you can increase your website traffic fast without hassle.

You should only insert links where it is necessary, and then you can enjoy the benefits surrounding this.


The above tips will help you increase your blog traffic fast; to make sure you are doing the right thing to check from time to time.

Work on these tips frequently and you will see great turnarounds concerning your site traffic over time.

Growing your blog audience will become easy as ABC when you learn from past experiences and prepare to tackle them in the future.

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