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9 Proven tips to Increase Affiliate Sales – Boost by 150%

by Ben Larweh
increase Affiliate sales

Blogging is just like every other business which requires investment of time, patience, and of course money.

Your blog can save you the 9 to 5 jobs, it makes you work at your own freedom and you become the boss of yourself, with absolutely no one to query you.

To make sure you get Return On Investment (ROI) just like every business, there are ways to help you make money with your blog.

Some of these ways include Affiliate Marketing, Ad Display (e.g. Google Adsense and others), Selling E-books or Courses, and others.

However, to make things more interesting, Affiliate Marketing is one of the profitable ways to earn money from your blog as it makes your blogging freedom dream easier to come true.

Most of the bloggers’ success stories always start with Affiliate Marketing is the most trusted way they make money off their blogs.

As I have mentioned several that Affiliate Marketing has come far to become one of the roots or sources of popular bloggers’ income.

Based on research an average blogger also an Affiliate Marketer makes roughly $1,000 – $50,000 per month depending on some factors such as skills, investment, and story to tell.

There are few bloggers to tell stories about, We have bloggers such as:

Mudassir Hammed from BloggingExplained, his blog generates him pretty good income through Affiliate Marketing, he is pretty amazing and uses his skills to generate passive income for him.

Sumit Sao from BloggingLIft, he makes money through Affiliate Marketing and I can say he’s good with it as he makes more than $1,000 every month. He makes use of his Facebook Group to increase affiliate sales

Ryan Biddulph from BloggingFromParadise, with his years of experience he makes money off his E-books through Amazon; this is a form of Affiliate Marketing in some ways which earns him good money.

Vishwajeet Kumar from Blogginggate, he publishes great posts frequently and earn money from Affiliate Marketing alongside Google AdSense.

Nikola Roza from Nikolaroza makes good money from affiliate marketing, he is a good writer who create amazing articles to promote and increase affiliate sales.

Affiliate Marketing is not that hard to start thing, it is when you follow the right procedures that you make it work for you in an impressive way.

To make it easier for you to understand, I have created a post which has detailed information about Affiliate Marketing, let’s get to know how to  increase Affiliate sales.

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an act of marketing other companies’ products or services through your blog, with which you get paid a commission when you generate sales after you create posts,

add your affiliate links with links to products or services and your readers click and purchase or convert.

When you sign up as an affiliate marketer you get an affiliate ID which makes you unique, and to make all the sales made by your blog readers through your Affiliate ID matched to you.

It is after the sale of a product or service (fulfilling a certain conversion like sign-up or trial) has been confirmed you earn a commission.

How Does Affiliate Marketing help your Blog?

Affiliate Marketing is currently on the trending rail, it doesn’t even show a sign that it’s going to go out of business soon.
There is a huge spike in the rate of Affiliate Marketers joining the community and there is even more merchant joining and employing more bloggers.

These companies are venturing into employing more affiliate marketers to drive in more sales and expand their business growth so it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

To solidify your thought of Affiliate Marketing, we have some bloggers who have no other means of generating income except Affiliate Marketing; it has become part of their blogging life.

Right on this blog, I am trying to venture into Affiliate Marketing soon, I was making use of this monetization method on my old blog which I replaced with this, and it has been a wonderful experience.

Affiliate marketing is the real deal here if you want to make tangible money from your blog,
displaying ads on your blog (Google Adsense) is also a way to earn money but not as effective as Affiliate Marketing.

In the past, I put all my blogging life on getting Adsense approval and this made me lose focus on creating a post my blog audiences really want.

When I tasted Affiliate Marketing I saw the difference between the two I became in love with Affiliate Marketing completely.

You can make the amount you make in a whole month with Google Adsense in a day with Affiliate Marketing if you are productive.
With it, you can be sure to earn big through Affiliate Marketing with your blog.

How do you Get Paid through Affiliate Marketing?

There are several ways through which you earn from Affiliate Marketing program, these Affiliate Companies pay based on their program factors.

Popular we have three ways (3) for you to earn money, ways such as:

-Bloggers get paid through the Pay Per Lead method, this is a method by which you earn when you generate a lead to the merchant company, this is in form of leading your blog trusted audience to try out a company service, join their newsletter, or try a demo.

-Part of the ways to earn money from Affiliate Marketing is through Pay Per Sale, this method gives you the opportunity to earn when your blog audience clicks and purchase through your referral link. This means you get paid for every sale you generate through your personal link.

-Another method is the Pay Per Click, this one is rare but does exist, it allows you to earn money when your blog audience clicks on the displayed ads by the company, it is not common to convert to sales or lead. This method is not common because such a company that deals with Affiliate Marketing needs conversion before they pay.

How to increase Affiliate sales and conversion rate 🙂 

The one thing you must keep on your mind to increase your blog income through Affiliate Marketing is by increasing the conversion rate.

There are several ways to do that, I have tried to pick out some valid points to help you make more money.

Here is the list of the best ways to increase Affiliate sales:

1. Create Quality Contents

Don’t understand what content means? That means you don’t have a blog yet, it is best to create a blog to help increase Affiliate sales.

Blogging has all it takes to start the full Affiliate Marketing journey in easy steps; it consists of different tools to help you as you begin to get paid.


To help you start a wonderful blog I have created a well detailed comprehensive post to guide you through the blog setup process easier.

One way to generate traffic to your blog is by writing quality blog content, content no matter what is the key to increasing your blog traffic.

There is no way you would skip the content part or should I say there is no shortcut to bypass content, it is the very beginning or the foundation of blogging.

It is the best way to communicate with your blog audience and to introduce those affiliate products to them so as to generate sales.

Now tell me why shouldn’t you create blog contents that will convince your blog audience to buy your products? It costs you absolutely nothing but research, advanced writing, and natural words that can convince.

Here are the things you should do with your blog contents to increase affiliate sales

  • Create Comprehensive posts
  • Solve People’s problems with your content (In-depths solutions)
  • Offer products and services that solve people’s problem in your content
  • Spy on your competitors’ blogs with good quality tools, stay ahead of them in the game, and win the game best.

Do better than other blogs online (your competitors) by creating posts that will end your blog visitors search, make them look no further and you will make them your ultimate friend which will always trust your word to buy products and services you introduce them.

This will increase Affiliate sales in a good way.

2. Do more proper Keyword Research

This is one way to get ahead of your blog weak or even strong competitors, with proper keyword research you can beat any of your competitors.

To make sure this happens you need to watch out for golden opportunities, know your blog keywords, and work on them extensively.

When you do keyword research you open doors for your blog to rank in Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and others, this is an extra source of traffic source if not the main source of getting potential blog visitors.

To get this done right, there are different tools online with which you can use to generate keywords that will boost your blog in a great way.

It is recommended that you should target specific keywords in your posts even with the URL and make sure you maintain the use of related keywords to Google favor your blog for a keyword as such.

 If you use these tools well you will be at the edge of increasing your sales conversion rate which in other words means good money.

Apart from ranking your content or generating traffic from Google, you will also get the benefit of getting your post across to potential visitors who can result in buying products (these increase Affiliate sales)  as those keywords are related to problems.

3. Optimize your blog’s SEO

Getting traffic from search engines is not easy, SEO changes and because of this, you as a blogger and website owner have to stay on alert if any change should come.

Optimizing your blog SEO (Off-page and On-page Optimization) gives you access to organic traffic, this traffic comes to you for free.

 I have created a comprehensive post on how to get started with your blog SEO easily, It is left for you to decide if you want it or not.

SEO is a long term source of traffic once you start getting the traffic it’s better for you to improvise to stay ahead of the game.

There is something unique about Search Engine traffic; it does convert more than any other traffic source because it comes as a result of people’s search for something.

This means that those people that visit your site have the urge to take action to solve their problems.

If you can’t do SEO you can always hire expert SEOs to do the hard work for you and then you can maintain the format wisely.

So it’s best to focus on your blog SEO to make sure you are not missing out on the big traffic source and the opportunity to increase Affiliate sales.

4. Promote your site on Social media networks

There are different sources of traffic and social media networks are one of those traffic sources,

it makes people share your blog post that interests them to their social media accounts and this brings in more traffic for you.

To make sure you are tapping into the new opportunity to increase Affiliate sales,

work best on getting your blog social media pages set up, and then you can use it to promote your blog posts effectively.

There are tactics which you can use to promote your site on social media,

there are numbers of social media networks to join such as Twitter, Facebook, and you can also make use of Pinterest and WhatsApp to promote your content.

Getting shares and backlinks from social media does help boost your blog ranking signal,

apart from backlinks it’s a very good thing to have your blog trending and getting those referring traffic.

To not miss out on this traffic, work on getting your blog available on social media networks, and also make sure you have tools such as social media share to do the work.

5. Indulge in Guest posts on other blogs

I have always known this has a method by which bloggers try to get backlinks from other niche related blogs but it’s funny bloggers never use it as a way to increase Affiliate sales.

There are lots of opportunities you have missed with the guest posts act, to regain those unused opportunities you can use a guest post to drive more affiliate sales.

This does work better than writing on your blog, this is because you will get to meet a new brand of people to share your products with.

To make this happen you have to let the owner of the blog know your aim after the great guest post is ready for submission.

Don’t miss out on a good opportunity by choosing the wrong products, choose only products that matter, and are relevant to the blog niche.

Make sure your guest posts and products are in line with the blog policy and also make sure those products will help the blog users in one way or the other to solve their problems.

To cap it all, it is recommended that you disclose your affiliate links, by making them know which affiliate links and which are not.

6. Build an Email list

Some bloggers still don’t know about email list building or never take it seriously as a way of getting traffic and to increase Affiliate sales.

To make clear to you, building an email list gives you unlimited opportunities to getting recurring traffic which converts.

When you improve the way you build an email list you should then expect to get more certain traffic.

The best thing to do if you want to capture people to subscribe or join your email list is by offering them good services for free.

Do something to sparkle up their reaction and make them take action, like providing them free eBooks that work to help them improve and solve their problems and then ask them to join your email list before receiving the offer.

This method works like charm, in no time you will see people joining your email list; this will help increase your affiliate sales because you will already know the number of people you are sending out emails to.

To make good use of the opportunity you need to start reviewing products and then send the best product user will find helpful weekly as well as hot deals from Black Friday.

5 Key Points to make sure your products sale converts

There is a huge difference between driving traffic to your affiliate products and increase Affiliate sales.

When you drive traffic to products you work with, you want people to see them, teach them how to use, and finally to know the importance of using those products.

 It is not enough to drive traffic to products, it is just the necessity, and if you drive high traffic to products without working on the conversion side you may not generate any sale. 

This will result in wasting of traffic, there are several things to do in order to make those traffic convert into an actual sale which will make your money.

We have several things but I will mention the 5 Key Points to increase Affiliate sales as well as to make sales convert

1. Understand your niche and audience

To be able to generate sales when you promote affiliate products you must know your blog niche and audience.

You must ask yourself some questions, Who are my blog readers? What do they want? What do I do to convince them that these products are the best for them?

These 3 questions should be the first to ask yourself as someone who is ready to start generating money through Affiliate Marketing.

It is only when you know your niche you will be able to choose the right product and tactics to promote them to potential buyers.

For example, your blog niche is Cooking and recipes and you start promoting Tech Accessories products, what do you expect from your blog user, to get confused right? Yes, you are asking them to be because those products are not their top priority if it’s related to their interests.

If you run a blog that talks about technology, it is important for you to show and recommend them tech products that will help them by making it easier for them to choose.

To make sure your blog audience converts you need to offer the products which they need and you need to show them how to use them and how it is important they buy it, that is how it works.

2. Choose a perfect theme

There are lots of themes online to choose from, it all depends on your blog niche and your taste personally.

One thing you must note when choosing a blog theme is to make sure it fits your blog niche, and do not choose a blog theme because of your fancy loving heart.

Choose the Ideal and proper theme that will showcase your blog and will improve your blog users usability, I must mention some of the quality to find when choosing a blog theme.

  • Speed: Choosing a blog theme that loads fast will increase your chance of generating sales by 15%. Google has made it know that the speed of a blog also determines its ranking, which means the faster your site the better your site ranks. Speed is essential as research has shown that humans are impatience, they decide within 1 to 3 seconds. So why won’t you choose a fast loading theme to please your blog potential buyers?
  • Usability: The percentage of your blog usability determines the bounce rate, if your blog becomes unusable then people leave. There is no essence of waiting when you can’t access a website properly; the next thing is to leave with the exit button. To minimize the risk of losing potential buyers make sure you choose a blog theme with good usability.
  • Layout: This might not sound important but it is, the rate at which you earn sales depends on your blog layout, try to keep things as simple as possible. The beauty is in simplicity; make sure your blog layout makes it easy for buyers to see your affiliate links so they can buy. Keep the navigation up and give them access to visit part of the site freely, you never know which post might spark their interest.

3. Place your Affiliate links in the right part

You can’t promote products people can’t see, part of the mistakes most affiliate marketers make is by putting their affiliate links in the wrong part of their site.

If you don’t place your affiliate links in place which will trigger a user to buy your products then you are missing out real bad on the ways to increase Affiliate sales.

There are several ways to introduce products to visitors to generate sales, you can do that through your blog contents, email newsletter, deals notifications, and push notifications.

These ways give you the opportunity to get the word out and you do yourself a favor of adding your affiliate links to give you the credit.

Don’t place these affiliate links anyhow because you might lose the interest of your blog readers, your site can become spammy and start to chase away buyers.

Be clear and straightforward do not make readers feel like you are selling them.

Work hard on this part and make sure you analyze and view from the user, angle to place your affiliate links in a place that will convince them to take action.


Now that you have learned how to increase Affiliate sales and ways to improve your Affiliate Marketing career, it is time you go out and apply these methods and see improvement.

Affiliate Marketing is golden; you must cherish and make use of the money earning method wisely.

Do not rush things or things will rush you out, Go slow and steady in order to win the race, follow these methods, and apply them in the right sense.

You will definitely make it with Affiliate Marketing if you don’t relent on the bountiful Journey.

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Ryan K Biddulph November 9, 2020 - 6:34 am

Great job Eniola. I love guest posting to spread the word for my eBooks and since I am an Amazon Associate, affiliate sales flow through that channel. Excellent post bro. Keep up the great work.


Eniola Samuel November 9, 2020 - 9:14 am

Thank you brother for this great comment. Guest posting is one of the best ways to get one’s blog out to the public (people who loves what you do)

You’re the best guy when it comes to maximizing the power of guest posts, your posts are enjoyed by many and help me keep getting motivated.

Thanks for checking on me!

Ryan K Biddulph February 19, 2021 - 8:38 pm

Checking in months later buddy; I am using these tips as I intend to increase my affiliate sales more than ever. Optimizing blog posts for SEO is huge, as is writing thorough, in-depth content.


Eniola Samuel February 20, 2021 - 8:24 am

It would be great to continue using them, it worked for me and I was glad to share them. With your relentless blogging dedication and experience I know it will work for you better than anyone else.

Piyush Bhuckar November 10, 2020 - 11:37 am

Great valuable post. Also firstly don’t focus on promoting too many affiliate products. Find the 20% that give you 80% results. Keep up the good work.

Eniola Samuel November 10, 2020 - 5:05 pm

You’re absolutely right, no one (blogger or affiliate marketer) should sell their blog audience.

Offer genuine and informative post and watch your earnings grow.

Thanks for visiting!


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