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How to Start a Blog that Earns : Ultimate Guide

by Enilovesam
Start a blog

Want to start your own successful blog now?

If yes then you are in the right place to learn how to start a blog in no time.

Blogging has been a great aspect of my life, and I can clearly say to you that blogging is highly profitable.

What I am going to show you will help you start your own blog in a few minutes with no glitches or any problem whatsoever.

Here are some of the questions you might want answers to

Why do I need a Blog?



Having a blog nowadays is one good thing to start with; a blog stands as a medium through with you can communicate with people, share knowledge,

build a relationship with customers, make your products and services easier with comprehensive blog posts.

With these in mind, you need a blog to do all that and you can do more than these mentioned above.

When you have a blog you can easily interact with people, teach them, help them, and eventually sell to them with the right method.

With your blog, you can pass information, share details on particular things you think people will find helpful and you will get rewarded for helping.

How much does it cost to start a blog?



Just like any other business, to start a blog you need to invest.

If you are not ready to invest in your blog then you are not serious about starting a successful blogging life.

Despite the fact that a blog can make you money that can change your lifestyle, make you an independent person yet it takes little to start your own blog.

Creating a blog now costs less than $100, which is relatively said to be low compared to starting some other business.

If done right, your blog will return your investment and yield more profit than you’ll ever imagine. It is a lifetime return on investment.

Can I make money blogging?



Making money and living large is everybody’s dream, and blogging can make your dream come true.

Some people still doubt if blogging pays, I can boldly tell you that it pays.

It is a profitable business to start with the little you have and double your investment.

People still make money blogging, some work from home while staying in their comfort zones to make money; some make their money while sleeping.

It always gets to the rewarding part when you are focused on starting a helpful and more resourceful blog.

Some bloggers make as high as $20,000 monthly and some earn higher than that,

starting your own blog now can help you financially and put an end to your failing financial life.

To start a successful blog easily and fast you need to scheme through these:
  • Pick a name for your blog
  • Choose a niche
  • Choose domain and good hosting
  • Pick a name for your blog

A blog is found by its name online, it represents your blog address online. This is where people can locate your blog.

You need to think of a good blog name you think might be helpful, short, and easy to remember.

However, you can use your name as your blog name; you can also target your niche by using topics in your blog’s name.

Some people will love to visit your blog by just typing its address and this will be easy for them if only your blog name is easy to remember.

Anyway, you can always change your blog name but you must make sure you get the best when choosing one you never know which might be your brand name.

  • Choose a niche

To make your blog grow, you need to choose a niche, a niche is an actual topic you will target while creating blog posts. This will define your blog’s main objective.

To make this easier for you, make sure you always choose a niche you find easy to work on, and also it should be one you are passionate about.

This can only bring you joy to continue creating more helpful blog posts.

  • Choose the best blogging platform

This brings you one step closer to creating a perfect blog before you can create a blog of your dream.

You need to make sure you are choosing the right blogging platform for your blog.

This isn’t hard to do, as I will recommend you to start with self-hosted WordPress.org software.

It is a free blogging platform and has been in existence for years now and it has gained a lot of traction when it comes to the most used blogging platform worldwide.

  • Choose domain and best web hosting

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, you need to follow the pros and be on the lookout.

Web hosting serves as a backbone of starting a successful blog; a little mistake can affect your site performance and bring you failing thoughts on creating a successful blog.

It is always recommended that you look before you leap while choosing a web hosting provider.

However, I am going to show you how and the best web hosting provider to choose from.

Choosing a domain name for your blog is always a necessary thing to do, a domain name acts as a name by which your blog will be found.

To choose the right one for your blog, you need to do your findings or make use of an online blog name generator to find the right one for a niche.

Over to designing your blog

This has become easy these days as you always don’t need to hire a professional web designer or be one before you can design your blog beautifully.

Thanks to blogging platforms like WordPress.org for making it easier for people to choose from their vast free themes and plugin to help enhance the blog.

WordPress provides ready-made templates available which you can choose from any time ranging from your taste.

Steps to starting your successful blog

Step 1. Choose a niche for your blog



Starting a blog is easy, but making it a successful one, in the long run, is hard.

To make it easier, you have to choose the right niche for your blog.

To choose the right niche for your blog you need to have these in mind:
  • Pick a niche that interests you the most, only niche you are interested in can give you more energy to work under any condition. This will be as a result of your passion leading you all the way.
  • Look out for a niche that has more audience that is more interested in taking action.
  • Pick a niche that is less competitive, unless you have more killer techniques to start with.
To benefits from a particular niche faster, you need to assess the niche:
  • Competitors – To know who you are dealing with
  • Audience size – To understand if you will be able to reach more people or less
  • Season– Some niche brings traffic seasonally, it is good to understand this before venturing into such
  • Best monetization method – Find out which monetization method works best before starting

Then with this information, you will be able to decide whether to go for the niche or not and you will be prepared to face uncertainties.

Step 2. Choose the best blogging platform

This is where you decide which blogging platform will work best for you.

I have created many blogs and it came to my understanding that creating your blog using a self-hosted setup is always the best.

Blogging platforms offer these two options:

  • Free hosting blog package (providing free plans)
  • Self-hosted blog package (using free open-software)
  • Free Hosting Blog package

I was once a beginner with no knowledge of how things work;

I was only blinded by the opportunity of creating my own blog at that time for free, not minding the consequences.

It is always easy for you to start your blog using free hosted platforms, but it is never easy to make it successful with them.

We have various free blog hosting providers such a blogger.com and wordpress.com.

Back then I had no worries all I wanted was to have my blog live and running.

So I created a free blog with wordpress.com as it is popular,

I started creating articles and did this for about 4-5 months and I was ready to monetize the blog.

Only to know that there is no actual monetization method, apart from this, other bloggers find me unserious as I was using a free hosting platform.

When you create a free blog with these free hosting providers, you are always given a subdomain (e.g blogname.blogspot.com or blogname.wordpress.com) to get started with,

no matter how you develop the site; you still work for them by improving their popularity.

Even though with the subdomain, you still have limitations to do some things.

The blog you are trying hard to maintain might get removed if you violate any of their rules without prior notice, all your hard work gone.

  • Self-hosted blog package

Using self-hosted providers is the best when it comes to be serious about starting a successful blog, only unserious bloggers won’t want to invest in their blog.

You have access to many things when you host your blog with a web hosting provider, a range of Content Management Systems (CMS) comes freely at your reach.

With one of these, you can create a blog of your dream; one CMS I have always recommended people to start with is WordPress.org.

When you use self-hosted platforms you will be able to set up your blog with your custom domain name and make use of web hosting.

With that, you are the owner and you control all that happens to your blog. You don’t need to afraid of experiencing blog removal.

When I talked about investing in your blog, you don’t have to be rich to start a blog. In fact, you can start with a few dollars and get your blog up and running.

With self-hosted platforms, you are free to monetize your blog, sell products, sell ad space, place ads, and venture into affiliate marketing.

Step 3. Pick a domain name for your blog



Picking a domain name is actually a good thing and it’s exciting, you get to choose the address of your blog.

A domain name stands as your blog address on the internet, it is where your blog is found when searched for.

To keep your domain name yours you have to renew it every year just as we renew our house rent.

Before choosing a domain name for your blog, consider making it short, descriptive, easy to remember, and crystal clear.

Some people that are familiar with your blog will type your blog domain name in their browser to access your blog directly.

While some people will find your blog through other sources such as Search engines, social media, and others.

Most of the blog online always chooses the .com extension because it is easy and it is always the thought of every human when trying to visit a blog.

However, it is not compulsory for you to choose a .com extension; your blog may be organization-based or country-specific.

Step 4. Choose a web hosting provider



As soon as you are done choosing a domain name, the next thing to do is select a trusted hosting service provider and this is an important decision to make before starting a blog.

Your site performance is based on your web hosting credibility which is why you should pick the best.

Here are some of the features to look for when choosing a web hosting:
  • Performance
  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Support

With these features you are good to go; we have some web hosting service provider which gives you a free domain name for the first year when your purchase web hosting services.

After researching for quite a time now, I found Bluehost to be a perfect match for starting a blog with WordPress.org.

To back this up WordPress.org certified that the hosting service provider is a great host and has it supports the host.

This is more of a reason why you should host your blog with Bluehost, they give you a free domain for a year when you buy a web service.

Step 5. Start creating your WordPress blog



Now that you are ready to start your own successful blog,

I will be showing you steps on how to set up your blog and this includes screenshots.

1. Go to the Bluehost homepageget started bluehost account

The first thing to do now is to go to the Bluehost page and click on the Get Started Now button as shown below.

2. Select a Hosting Plan

Now you have to select a hosting plan, to begin with, selecting a hosting plan depends on your need.

If you are starting a new blog then it is good you start with the Basic plan.get started bluehost account

When the blog grows large, you then upgrade to a higher hosting plan as Plus or Choice Plus.

You can check to see which the best is for you to start with, in case you need some special features.

3. Insert and set up a domain name

As explained above, the domain name you choose now will become your blog address on the internet.

Now you will type the domain name you chose and you will see if it is available to buy.choose a domain to start a blog

In case it is not available you can choose another or use one of the similar names that will be generated for you.

Note that you can skip the process if you are unable to come up with a domain name instantly, you can always choose one later.

You have the option to add an existing domain you own, and then you can set up your blog using that domain name.

4. Complete your registrationFill your personal info

Once you choose a domain name and clicked the Next button, you will be directed to a page where you will register and fill in your personal information.

You can use the option of signing in with your Google account to create an account instantly.

Proceed by filling in your personal information then click the next button

Choose a hosting packagechoose account plan to start blog

Now you need to select from the ranging plans, the hosting provider offers 12, 24, 36 months hosting packages.

You can start with 12 months hosting plan or use the 36 months plan which offers a comparatively low monthly fee, it depends on your budget.

Review package extraspackage extras

You should uncheck unnecessary package extras, most of them are not essential.

To avoid wasting money on this, you should remove them from your cart.

You can make use of Domain Privacy Protection as it can help hide your personal information from the public.

  • Payment procedurepayment info start blog

Entering your payment information is next, now you need to fill in your payment information to process the domain and hosting services registration successfully.

Then check on the box to make sure you agree to the terms and click on the Submit button to proceed.

  • Finish creating your account

Now to finish up the process, click on the Create your account button.create bluehost account to start blog

Then you will be referred to a page where you will enter your password and then you complete the registration process.

Now you will have your account registration completed and you will need to click on the login button.

Log in by filling in your email address or domain name and password and then you will be directed to the blog settings dashboard.

5. Set up your WordPress blog

Bluehost has provided a wizard to help you ease the creation of your blog.

This is a 4 step process to help you start easily.

However, you can skip the process if you are familiar with the process by clicking on the Skip this step button.

First step: You need to answer 3 questions in this section.create bluehost account to start blog step 1

You will be asked the following:
  • What kind of site? I chose Blog
  • What type is it? I chose Personal
  • Who is it for?  I chose Myself

This depends on your choice, you can follow these patterns if it’s the same blog you are creating.

Second Step: this step will give you the option to add more features to your site.create bluehost account to start blog step 2

The Blog option is selected automatically but you can add more such as a store, an About Me page, a Resume, and a Custom logo.

Since I don’t need a resume or a store, I am selecting only the Blog, About Me, and Custom logo options

Third step: this step only asks you about your blog’s title (Name), tagline and it checks on you if you are feeling comfortable with the creation of websites.create bluehost account to start blog step 3

You can always change this later in your WordPress Admin area conveniently.

Fourth step: this step will ask you to choose a theme; the selected theme will pre-design your blog. You can then modify or change the theme later.create bluehost account to start blog step 4

You can skip this section and choose later.

And that is the last step after you complete the fourth step, you will be directed to your Bluehost account page.

Now you will have WordPress installed on your blog.

6. Finalize and launch your blog

This is where things get real, your Bluehost account gives you the option to customize and arrange your blog to your taste before you launch it.

As soon as you are done with some of the customizations, you can then launch your blog and make it go live by clicking on the Launch my site button.

Now your site will be accessible and you will see the pre-design theme at work.

To access your WordPress Admin area, click on the blue WordPress button or add /wp-admin to the end of your blog URL.

Step 6. Choose a theme for your blog



add theme to your blog

A blog theme also matters when you want to start a successful blog.

Basically, a blog theme defines its look and feel; you need to work on designing your blog layout.

You make it responsive and attractive when you use a good theme.

To install or activate an existing theme, navigate to the Appearance tab, and then click on Themes.

Now you find popular themes being showcased to you, then you will check and choose freely.

You can always change your blog theme, eventually, you can settle for one after all.

Things to note before choosing a theme:
  • Speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Navigation
  • Coding

Always choose a theme that will help your blog users, and also showcase your blog posts to respective visitors.

Step 7. Customizing your blog theme


Customize your blog

You are now going to learn how to customize your blog.

With this you will be able to: upload your blog logo you have ready, edit your blog title and tagline, increase site font, change blog colors, and modify menus, and others.

You can always customize your blog homepage by clicking on the Appearance tab and then unto Customize button.

Now you will have options that you can use to customize parts of your blog easily.


Customize your blog look

  • Colors – this will allow you to change your blog header color, primary, background color, and footer color.
  • Site identity – here you can change your blog logo, add site title, use a site icon, and update the tagline.
  • Menus – this will allow you to showcase Menu on your blog homepage header and footer, change, and add menu locations.
  • Widgets – using this you will be able to customize the sidebar or footer location on your blog homepage.
  • Additional CSS – this will grant you permission to add extra CSS code to customize how your blog layout and appearance react.

Take note, that some of these themes come with their own customization tab and might not always require this setting most of the time.

Step 8. Add necessary plugins to your blog



One of the benefits of using WordPress is that it comes with free useful plugins to make blogging easier for you.

These plugins can help extend the functionality of your theme and blog.

You can also find these plugins helpful when trying to make changes to your site look and feature.

These plugins are mostly provided to site owners for free; currently, WordPress is the CMS with such great numbers of plugins and functionality.add plugins to blog

You can always add new plugins or remove an existing one by clicking on the Plugins button and then delete, Add new and update plugins.

Here are the plugins I recommend you install:
  • Yoast SEO – This plugin help to optimize your blog content for Search engines and optimize your blog for SEO.
  • Akismet – This plugin helps your blog by blocking spam comments and make your site spam-free.
  • Wp Rocket – This plugin help to speed up your blog and make users comfortable when visiting your blog.
  • MonsterInsights – It helps aid Google Analytics integration and shows your site traffic analytics directly from your blog dashboard.
  • Sucuri – This is a security plugin, it helps to protect your blog from an attacker, and activate optimum security measures.

Now that you learned how to customize and work on your blog, we will continue by showing you how to write content.

Step 9. Write contents



Now that you own a blog, it is time you start producing resources that will help people know your blog.

Owning a blog isn’t enough, you must go to the length of creating helpful content to attract blog users.

Contents are known to be helpful and engaging articles written with the aim of passing information to readers.

This is where things begin to look hard, trust me it is not that hard if you know your way around it.

You need to determine how your content can help your blog visitors, find the best way to simplify things for them.

The purpose of creating a blog is for visitors to come, and without great content, no one will be moved to react.

Writing great content is the only by which you can start a successful blog.

To create great site content you should do these:
  • Plan your content

As a new blog owner, you should urge the behavior of planning content, when you plan your content you will be able to see methods and those that will fail.

With this you will be able to do proper writing, ranging from the content arrangement, rectifying errors, and grammar inspection.

  • Target the right audience

Targeting the right audience has always worked for bloggers; you should know your audience and give them the content they need.

Keywords help you target the right audience in search engines, and you will be able to generate traffic.

  • Make your content engaging

Always try your best to produce high-quality content, never use dull language, low-quality graphics.

To spice it up, make use of infographics to connect with readers completely.

Editing and Publishing PostPublish your first blog post

Now that you have your post ready, you should head over to the Posts tab and then click on the Add new button.

You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to insert your post title and content.

When you start writing or paste content, then you have to edit it and make it look good.

After that, you will need to hit on the Publish button to make your post-go-live and available to visitors.

Create important pages
  • About us – This page should showcase what your blog is all about, what users will find when visiting the blog and how you plan to help them with content.
  • Contact us – This page shows users that you are friendly and want to help them by giving them access to communicate with them.

Step 10. Promote your blog



Writing great content isn’t enough, bloggers get discouraged at times when they continue writing content and they don’t get people to visit their blog.

Promoting and marketing your blog will help your blog contents get the recognition they need.

Getting traffic is the best thing for starting a successful blog.

There are ways to promote your blog and start driving traffic
  • Submit your blog to search engines

This is an opportunity to get organic traffic, this type of traffic is well-targeted and good for affiliate marketers.

This way you can start getting free traffic to your blog and reaching more people who are searching for the content you offer.

You can submit your blog to the Google search console to appear in search results.

  • Share your blog with your friends and family

Let people know that you have created a blog; share your URL and blog name with them so they can access it easily.

If you convince them of your contents then they will share with no hesitance.

  • Promote your blog on social networks

This is another way to start getting your blog known; you can create a page or a group for your blog on social networks and then start sharing with people who might be interested in your content.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are good for driving traffic.

  • Build email listing

You can drive recurring traffic to your blog using this method when users find your content helpful they subscribe to your blog and start receiving more related content in their mailbox.

  • Share your blog to community sites

Sharing your blog on community sites can surge your traffic if the content goes viral.

With this, you can build more audience and then continue to enjoy free traffic and conversion.

Step 11. Monetize your blog



Making money from a blog is every blogger’s dream, the only way to continue blogging with quality content and consistent spirit is when you start earning from your blog.

When you grow your blog, income will come naturally because visitors who are eager to see more of your helpful content will always be converting.

Here are some ways to start making money from your blog
  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from your blog by promoting other company’s products and services.

Your income depends on your blog conversion and site traffic.

It is only when you generate more sales that you will be able to earn commissions.

You need to be able to write helpful and comprehensive content to earn link clicks on your blog.

  • Place ads on your blog

Showing ads on your blog can make you money, there are lots of ad networks out there.

You can sign up with them and follow their terms to get approved into their network.

Google Adsense is an example of an ad network; you earn money when your blog users click on ads that show on your blog.

  • Sell an Ebook

Another method to generate income from your blog is by writing and selling Ebook on your blog.

You can create an awesome Ebook that covers comprehensive content and start selling it to your blog users and then make more money.

  • Allow sponsored posts

With sponsored posts you can make money off your blog easily; you get this opportunity when your blog starts getting traffic.

Then you will have advertisers running to you for sponsored posts, while you have to reach an agreement on the fee and conditions.

Note that you should always make sponsored posts known to your blog visitors as a sponsored posts, not as original articles.




Now that you have your own blog, it is time you start doing the blogging stuff and make money for following your passion.

You should take blogging seriously if you want to make money from your blog, you have to take it as a business.

You have to:

  • Be hardworking in creating a perfect blog
  • Start with consistency
  • Aim at helping people rather than using them
  • Invest your money in your blog
  • Connect with people in your field

With the above tips, you will be able to move your blog to another level, then you can talk about your blogging success.

Have a happy blogging life!


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