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Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online

by Eniola Samuel
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How to make money online

Now you can learn how to make money online in 2020 for free and also it is hassle-free.

The year 2019 passed us by and we promised ourselves that this year 2020 will be the year of our success.

Yet we haven’t got genuine way on how to make money online.

All that dreams cannot be achieved if we have nothing to do in order to fulfill the promise.

That’s why I bring to you the best way to skyrocket your earning this year and use your idle time to make money and never go broke again

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great idea of starting something fruitful this year.

It is all about you promoting companies’ services and product and you get a fixed commission rate whenever a user buy or order the product or service of the company.

This doesn’t take a hard time before you earn.

The more product you sell the more money you make.

To start making the money you need to join an affiliate company first and then start by selling their products through marketing.

When selling products you will be assigned to, a link that has your ID which when click will redirect users to the product you are trying to market and sell, giving you the user commission for buying the product at a fixed percentage according to the product’s price.

You can either use your social media accounts for marketing or use your website for marketing.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing also makes you cool cash, it is one of the easiest ways I know of making some money.

It needs you providing services for businesses owners and clients online, you can start working online at your comfort (at home, in the closet, in your bed and on your couch, you name it)

Being a freelancer gives you the freedom to work at a suitable time, part-time or full time anywhere.

Also, you get to choose the terms and conditions you intend to use in your signed contracts and the ability to take up on multiple jobs at a time.

Freelancing jobs include offering services such as Web development, Web design, Web redesign, Graphic design, Animation Creator, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Article writing, Guest posting, Copy-writing, Email marketing, Data entry, and others.

You can apply for jobs if you have any of these skills.

To start freelancing work you need to register as a freelancer on a freelancing website market and put in all your details including your experience, past jobs, and skills.

Some of the well-known freelance marketplaces are:
  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiverr
  4. Guru
  5. iWriter

3. Blogging or Creating Website online

It is one of the success-driven methods online, blogging actually brings in more cash for you if well done approximately tens or hundreds of thousands of dollar for you monthly.

Before going with the aim of creating a blog make sure you have a well-thought topic that you can focus your blog on and then rank in search engines for it then outranking your competitor.

You can create a blog that produces viral content and information for those that need it, so you will get more traffic to your site and then generate income.

Blogging requires consistency and patience before you start making actual money from it.

Keep posting and updating old posts regularly and also keep sharing your blog to social media to create popularity.

When you retain a high amount of traffic you can then go on by monetizing your blog traffic with ads networks.

4. Vlogging

You can start earning by posting videos online with the help of YouTube, you’ll become a video content creator and then be able to share viral videos.

YouTube is a large video-sharing website, it helps distribute your video to users that are interested in it.

You can create a YouTube channel, get a category you are good at, then start making outstanding videos to dive in more views.

After you start getting more views and subscribers then you can apply for

Video monetization with Google Adsense then starts to make money from your uploaded videos.

5. Content Writing

If you’re good at writing good content then you can make more money by writing content for the site owner or guest posting, it’s another part of how to make money online.

Having good writing skills is a blessing to you as you can sign up as a freelancer and then charge site owners and clients as you write for them.

You will get to charge your clients based on characters or words you write for them.

Your payment varies the way you write and more the way you’re good at composing and analyzing the content format.

Content writing requires some of your time to develop a good content writing ability and composing a well-thought content.

Once you are hired you get more money over time, if you’re diligent and working very well. The more you write the more money you earn.

6. Answering surveys

Survey answering is another good way of making additional money with your knowledge.

You can start making soft money by answering surveys, surveys site intend to gather information about participant way of living, this is an additional part of how to make money online.

The users of the information collected from the survey’s participant are mostly

private companies that need the information to produce a more accurate solution.

Surveys only need you to answer a question based on the information needed at the point of time.

You get more questions over time as the need arises then you make more money. List of surveys site includes:

  1. Mobrog
  2. Surveyeah
  3. OpinionWorld
  4. Univox
  5. Triaba
  6. Inboxdollars
  7. Swagbucks

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With the above ways you can tend to make more money, with all combine you will be invisible.

You will surely make it this year with our surefire posts if you work hard and

use the methods above very well.

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