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How to Get Quality Backlinks With Effective Tips

by Enilovesam

Backlinks are quite important for a site to have nowadays for proper site ranking.

Although some bloggers still think that the practice of building links is dead, and unfortunately it’s not.

It is more crucial to have backlinks built for your site to be able to outrank your site competitors in search engines.

We will proceed to guides you on how to get free quality backlinks and how to have backlinks built for your site.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are all about sites linking to your site, links connected internally through your site, and your site linking to other sites.

Benefits of backlinks

Backlinks have lots of effects on your site, building backlinks helps bring in more traffic to your site.

It is more recommended to have more links pointed to your site by other sites with more authority than getting links from sites with lower authorities than your site.

For your site to rank higher in search engines for the right keyword you must build enough backlinks.

It also gives your site the right keyword ranking to be able to get visitors who are searching for content related to your site.

Google already declared backlinks to be important or necessary for your site to rank on top of the first page. They included backlinks as one of their site ranking requirements,

so it is important to learn how to get quality backlinks for your site.

You can’t go round building a bunch of backlinks randomly because it might harm your site good stand of trust, backlinks are supposed to be on trust,

you need to get backlinks from a site that trusts your site and has helpful impacts on your site users.

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Google also gives a strict warning that if your site is found creating junks of spammy backlinks, it will be removed from search and this will affect your site, as research has proven that search engine traffic dominates around 40-50% of a regular site’s traffic.

The more authoritative backlinks you build for your site, the more the increase in your site traffic.

Although getting authoritative backlinks is hard, but if you are using the right method you will be able to get quality backlinks.

Websites without backlinks can rank in Google search engine, we are 100% sure of this theory has we have done it before, but backlinks are more essential for faster rank and to get search engine’s trust.
It is needed if you want your content to rank faster than expected; it pushes your site to the front page of Google.

Guides to get free quality backlinks:

1. Build a mutual relationship in social media networks

To get good backlinks, you should consider building a very mutual relationship.

Get engaged with niche-related communities of bloggers, social groups, blogs, and forums.

This contains lots of good opportunities to build more new contacts among other bloggers.


It is one of the best guides to get free quality backlinks.

My friend Sumit Sao at Blogginglift makes use of this strategy and of course, his site traffic is booming.

Social media can be a good way to kick off, Facebook has lots of group of bloggers,

WhatsApp allows you to create a group for bloggers, Pinterest is quite good too.

Your first step should be giving good thoughts, relevant comments, and adding interesting remarkable values to other blogger content.


With you being active, you will grow in your field stronger than ever,

this might give you branded name in your field just like a professional blogger Neil Patel.

The branded name will give you natural links, which is what Google loves, you will see an increase in your traffic.

If you continue to do the social media stuff you will enjoy the large benefit,

benefits that will increase your site exposure not only backlinks are involved.

That way you could build a large online presence.

2. Make use of Web directories link building

Web directories are the best bet for some free backlinks, to get the right web directories for your site, look up online.

Make sure you don’t build backlinks with web directories anyhow because it will harm your site ranking.

Web directories link building has been in the game for years and has proven effective in the past years.

For you to gain from web directories link building try to know the directory that matches your niche and do your investigation harder to find out about the

Domain authority, page authority, trust flow, domain rating, and Google page rank, the higher they are the better they are.

There are series of web directories online you can use, make sure the ones you will use are less spammy because it can affect your site.

3. Mutual Link Building

This mode of backlinks is good too; this means you as a blogger in connection with a similar blogger sharing the same motive of link building.

This means with every good post that matches your fellow blogger’s content can be linked-to each other.

Don’t overdo the advantage because you can do more harm than good to your site if you continue to do this unnaturally.

I have seen lots of bloggers doing this among themselves and I can boldly say it has been effective.

Building cordial relationships between sites can help ranking grow, meaning passing link juice can help more than anything.

4. Blogs and forum commenting

Keeping tabs on certain blogs that has the same niche and yours, resulting in you engaging in active discussion on a forum or blog.

Make sure you do proper research about the post or add a more meaningful contribution to the related forum.

Giving regular and helpful comments to certain blogs over time will give you access to add your blog post link as a means of backlinks.

Before you add your blog post link make sure you add a comment that is in line with the site post and then use your blog post link that can explain the comment better.

Don’t overdo the use of commercial keywords it will look unnatural to the search engine crawler bots

5. Follow popular bloggers and relative bloggers

This method is helpful and works faster as soon as you get a chance with a popular blogger.

You can look for sites that you think might improve your site authority, ask your colleagues, friends, and family that owns a blog or a site for backlinks.

My friend Mudassir at Bloggingexplained uses this method to associate with more bloggers and this is working out like magic for him.

You can find lots of bloggers to follow or engage with to have more trust among bloggers, this can result in more link-building solutions.

Don’t think this has an advantage to misuse, only ask blogger or your relatives that have a blog or site that is based on a similar niche.

If the blogs are not in your niche they will have little or no effect on your site.

6. Focus on your site internal link

Working on internal links is the best thing you can do for your site without asking anyone or following anybody.

One of the quality guides to get free quality backlinks.

If done well it will increase your site ranking, each link that that is attached to a single post can get indexed and ranked higher than the regular.

If a certain post is linked in several posts over again, it will gain a higher index and rank rate.

Write content that broadens your niche, exploiting more unique posts and

getting more useful posts that other blogs have not written.

Then link them to another related post that the current site visitor will find helpful to complete the information you are trying to pass to them.

7. Make use of Guest Posting

Making use of guest posting can help your site grow in big ways and get you quality backlinks.

This method is one of the guides to get free quality backlinks and I personally use this method and I can say it’s great.

Be on the lookout for blogs that are in your niche, find those blogs that are already in a high position, and have more authority.

Although it’s not easy to get backlinks from such high-profile sites anyways it’s worth trying.

You should try to follow bloggers and then follow up on their posts. Build a proper connection with them by giving relevant comments on their blog posts then they will find you serious.

Now it’s the time to send them a message about guest posting on their site if they might be interested in it.

If you get lucky to be accepted by them, make your findings on the post that already appears on the site then try to get some related content with enough evidence and information.

Be explanative and educative while writing the post and maintain the journalism spirit, make sure there are no errors whatsoever.

If they approve your content and find that content is helpful they’ll let you have a backlink or two and this might give you some traffic.

8. Join the testimonial party

There are lots of companies online that sell products, products tend to sell and

companies get a reputation when people leave their testimonies,

with the use of testimonies, you can get good backlinks to your site.

My friend Folajomi at CarererInBlogging uses this method to associate with more bloggers and this is working out like magic for him.

This type of backlinks is easy and yet helpful; it makes you look popular in your field.

Using this opportunity is great; it gets approved easily and gives you no hard time to get.

Only that you have to make testimonies that are true, engaging, and

at the same time encouraging the customers of the companies to buy products or use their services.

Make sure the companies you are making testimonies for are in the same niche as your site does,

you don’t want to be in the food niche and you are making testimonies for a site under plumbing services.

This will surely reduce your site trust with its users and consumer that might see our site.




With these methods, you can be sure you will get quality backlinks than ever and note:

don’t misuse these steps for fast backlinks. A penalty will be the outcome.

Hope you found this post helpful, kindly like, share and comment if you have any point to add

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