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Search Engine: How to Add WordPress Site to Google Search Console

by Enilovesam
Add WordPress to Google Search Console

Driving traffic to your site is one of the basic requirements of starting a successful blog online.

I have talked about the basic SEO techniques you can start with, in my last post and

now I am going to show you how to add your WordPress website to Google Search Console.

Generating traffic from Google and other search engines need you to add your website to their console.

What does Google Search do?

Google Search Console (Webmaster tools) is a comprehensive free tool provided to website owners or

webmasters to help get proper insights on how their site performances in Google search results.

With this free tool, you get notified when your website encounters an error with Google bots when security issues arise or indexing errors pop up.

You will able to fix issues, work on your site SEO, and increase your website ranking with proper insights provided.

Adding your website to Google Search Console not only make your site show in Google search results but drive traffic to your site.

It is the first step to take if you want your site to start showing up in Google search results;

with Google Search Console you will have the access to monitor your site performance in search results.

Now let’s get started on how to submit your WordPress site to Google Search Console easily with step by step guide.


How to submit your WordPress site to Google Search Console

To add your website to this Google Search tool, you need to visit the Google Search Console and click on the Start Now button.Google Search Console Start now

The next step will ask you to login with your Google or Gmail account, that Google account you register with will be your login to the Search Console.

As soon as you log in, a pop up will be asking for your website URL or the Site you want to add.Google Search Console add URL

Once you enter your website URL, you will have two methods to verify your site.

  1. Domain name
  2. URL prefix

For a simpler process, I recommend you to choose the URL prefix method.

Note that Google treats HTTP and HTTPS as two entirely different processes.

And also it sees a website with https://www.example.com and https://example.com as different websites,


I have seen this in clear sight.

To make sure you entering the right website URL check your site URL from your WordPress site dashboard.

To do that, go to your WordPress site admin dashboard

Then go to the Settings section and then click on General and then you will be able to see your actual website URL.WordPress site URL

Now you need to insert the correct website URL and after you enter the URL in the Google Search Console setup wizard.


You need to click on the Continue button to move on to the next step.

In the next section, you will be asked to verify you are the site owner to make sure you adding the site you own or have access to.

You have several ways to verify your site ownership and this includes HTML tag, it is the easiest and most used method.

To use the method, click on the HTML tag then it will expand and show you a code.Verify site ownership

Make sure you copy the code.

Now it is time you add the code to your Website head, the will allow Google to verify that you own the website you are adding.

There are lots of ways to add the Google verification meta tag to your WordPress site including adding the code directly to your site theme.

However, I don’t recommend you do this because the code will disappear once you change or

make changes by updating your site theme.

Making use of a plugin is what I recommend it’s way too easy, we have lots of plugins that do this for you.

One of the most used plugins for this is Insert Headers and Footers, I currently use this plugin.

First, you need to install the plugin, then move on by activating it, after that you should navigate to Settings and then unto Insert Headers and Footers.Insert Google Search Console code in header

Now you have to paste the Google HTML tag you copied inside the ‘Scripts in Header’ box on the page.

Save all settings

Click on the Save button to make sure the changes you made is saved

Now you have to go back to the Google Search Console and then you click on the Verify buttonClick verify button

Google Search Console will now check for the HTML tag in your website head code and will show you a success message if found.Google search console verification successful

In case Google Search Console doesn’t find the code in your site header, and then you need to clear your website cache and retry.

And that’s it; you now have your website successfully added to Google Search Console.

You can now access to insights and enjoy your site ranking in search engine.

To see the list of your site added, see the Property button by the left side and select your site to see more information.

You will have access Information such as Coverage, index reports, and others, to help rank your site better with insights and notifications.

To make sure your site gets crawled by Google, you need to submit your website sitemap.


How to generate and add sitemap XML

Adding an XML sitemap to Google Search Console is the best way to introduce your site to Google.

Creating a well-optimized robot.txt file can also help boost your site ranking in a way and you can block Google bots from crawling part of your site,

An XML sitemap is a file that shows the lists of your entire website content in XML format, this allows search engines to find and index your website content.

There are many plugins available in the WordPress directory that generates a sitemap for your website.

Currently, I use Yoast SEO to generate my site sitemap, and it is very easy to do.

To use this kindly install and activate Yoast SEO plugin then navigate to SEO and then unto General,WordPress Yoast SEO sitemap

Now click on the Features tab and check XML sitemap to be turned on, leave it unchecked if already turned on.

Now you find your sitemap link, It’s always with the /sitemap_index.xml at the end of your site URL

For example, see https://www.example.com/sitemap_index.xml

Now make use of your own sitemap

Then to submit it to Google, head over to the Google Search Console

Now click on the Sitemaps menu from the left and then you will see a page requesting your sitemap URL.Google Search Console submit sitemap

Right after this, add the last part of your sitemap URL (sitemap_index.xml) right under the Add new sitemap section and then you click the Submit button.

Your sitemap will now be added to Google and it starts to crawl and index your website content faster.Google search console dashboard

And now you have successfully submitted your website to Google Search Console.


Your website will now have its contents indexed by Google and start to show in search results if it follows Google’s guidelines.

Note that you shouldn’t remove the Google HTML tag from your website header as Google bots check out for it periodically.

Now start optimizing your site contents for SEO and you will about a great change in ranking and traffic.

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