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How to Drive Traffic to your Blog: 10 Proven Strategies

by Ben Larweh
Drive traffic to your blog

Starting a blog is just the first step while stepping into the blogging system; it gets you ready to publicize your own part to people who need them.

Now that your blog is ready, the one thing to start with is by learning how to drive traffic to your blog.

This one thing will do the good work by presenting your work to people that will find your post and blog helpful and get yourself a ready-made audience.

The traffic building system is a step-by-step process; it should be done accordingly without skipping any step.

Here are some questions you might want answers to,

Will this post help me drive traffic to my blog?

This post is based on different strategies that can be implemented to drive traffic to your blog, to make some of these effects you must apply consistently.

To start with, focus on four strategies or less and then work hard to know which of them works for the blog or not, then you can decide whether to continue or stop.

These strategies are not automatically set to drive traffic to your blog without having things done; there are certain actions to take to get these strategies working the way you want them to.

 I learned this the hard way, back then my main focus is trying different traffic driving strategies at a time, I didn’t know that

I was only wasting my precious blogging time; to succeed you must focus on actual strategies and then think about how you can make them work for you.

Once you get to know the strategies that work for your blog, you then improvise and work on some hard parts to milk out hidden traffic using your own natural method.

This post you are reading now was just created to show you different strategies you can use to drive traffic to your blog while it’s yours to choose and work.


What do I do to gain steady traffic to my blog?

To drive traffic to your blog, it can get pretty easy with hard work and consistency, but keeping steady traffic is not easy. It takes more than sharing your blog post with people or getting traffic from sources.

You might need to rethink and find a way to capture people and make them become your blog audience in the long run.

As I have said above, you need to target people or should I say audiences that are interested in your blog and what it gives.

One thing funny about blogging is that publishing great articles is not enough to build a successful blog; you need to get those great articles out to people who want them.

No one knows your blog unless they come in to see what great posts and solutions you have to offer and if it solves their problem regularly just know that you’ve gained their trust.

Then make use of strategies to bring these people, once they are familiar with your blog and love what it offers they will completely fall in love with your blog.

This will continue to bring you steady traffic as long as you continue to research better and faster on which way to apply other strategies to market your blog the right way.



Let’s get started by stating these effective strategies I believe strongly works :

1. Start building comprehensive contents to drive traffic to your blog

This isn’t the 1900’s anymore whence webmaster or blogger only start with 500 to 1000 words articles.

This is because there are not actual competition backs then; the internet barely existed or is open to some people.

Then only people with internet knowledge blogs then, this century has grown and people are running to start a blog of their own.

Blogging competition has grown massively and is growing rapidly, people like you and I are venturing into blogging with our different opinion or niche.


All we aim for is to stand out from the crowd, to do that we have to do something different from what other bloggers do.

You can start with your content writing methods to stand out, start creating useful contents which will amaze and solve people’s problem easily.

Focus on solving people’s problems rather than just posting content for content’s sake, the only way to make it with your blog’s content is by making a long list of solutions.

There are lots of ways to generate amazing blog post ideas online, all you have to is watch out for the best one.

Differ from other blogs online by creating 4,000 words above contents where other bloggers are creating 500 words piece.

Make your blog post more informative and easier to read at the same time, your blog contents should be able to convince people to come back to your blog.

To make things more interesting, search engines like Google are lovers of comprehensive blog posts.

When your blog offers more than 5,000 words of helpful blog posts, then you can be sure to get Google love for your blog.

Stop producing tiny 600 to 1,000 blog posts on your blog anymore, provide more detailed and insightful posts to win people’s hearts.

You can be sure to achieve what other bloggers can’t if you make your blog posts different, people can easily identify your blog post by your words.

2. Target low competitive topics (Long Tail Keywords) on your contents

You as a new blog owner should care about your blog performance in search engines like Google as this is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog.

There are lots of blogs online that are in a niche, some of these blogs has become the face of the niche or should I say the big fish.

They already own the niche and rank for every important topic which amasses traffic for them as a brand; these blogs have been in the game for a long and have people and Google’s trust.

To make it easier for you as a newbie in the system, you have to start from the beginning.

I’m guessing that your blog is barely up to a year which makes you the new guy who wants some space in the online world.

One of the factors that determine how long before your blog ranks for a specific topic is the Domain Authority (DA, this DA decides if you can rank easily for some keywords.

Big sites that have much higher DA tend to rank quickly for a broader keyword than the new sites.

While it may seem futile for your new blog to compete with a big blog with good DA for keywords that make it a battle that can’t be won in a year or two.

To have a better chance of secretly winning over the big fish, you need to start targeting a low competition topic also known as Long Tail Keywords.

Long Tail Keywords gives you the opportunity to drive traffic to your new blog through a search engine like Google without having to wait for years.

Go easy on difficult keywords and rank continuously and easily.

3. Work on your blog On-Page SEO to drive traffic to your blog

This is the best thing to do right after writing a blog post, working on your blog On-Page SEO is the next step to take in order to take your blog one step higher in search engine.

This one consist of different sets of SEO basic to get your blog rank in process, this way you can define your blog post and give it a big push up.

Writing valued headlines for your blog posts will come easily when you do keyword research.

You can then convert your keywords to a power punch title to make people click through your blog link at a good rate.

It gives you the opportunity to follow the best practice in order to sprinkle the necessary keyword in your article, working alongside image SEO optimization and setting up SEO-friendly permalinks with the appropriate keyword.

Depending on your blog CMS, these tools can come easily at your disposal but as for WordPress blog owners.

There are different SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO that make the On-Page SEO easier for you than doing the coding yourself.

One of the important and free to get started with is the Rank Math SEO plugin, you can get started easily as the SEO plugin performs it works magically.

4. Start Guest Posting on blogs

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog is by guest posting on other blogs, you can get yourself known as a blogger through this method.

This gives you good exposure to people who want to know more about your niche, you market your blog through other blogs thereby reaching a whole new audience.

Guest posting quality posts on other blogs gives you lots of opportunities to tap from; it depends on you as a blogger to work well to achieve a great feat through this strategy.

My blogging buddy Ryan Biddulph from Bloggingfromparadise makes use of this strategy by helping other bloggers and himself with his great guest posts, making it a win-win situation.

Like I said in one of the strategies “Target long-tail keywords” when you guest posts on popular on stronger blogs your blog starts to get known by top search engines like Google.

You can get backlinks to your blog and this means more trust and authority passed to your blog, this can help you build up your blog DA and improve your rankings in Google.

Apart from the backlinks and exposure you also get to drive more traffic to your blog continuously, this is because people who love your guest posts will click through to visit your blog.

The only thing you have to do when you get accepted to guest posts on another blog is to write great posts that will help the blog owner garner more traffic.

This can lead to continuing guest posts and this means traffic and exposure for you.

5. Work on backlinks and internal linking

To stay on top of SEO there are lots of things to do, SEO is divided into two

  • On-Page SEO– This type of SEO is done on your site, you can control how this works including making amendments and adjusting to your site. This determines how your blog and content are presented to search engines like Google.
  • Off-Page SEO– This type of SEO is done outside your own site; you do not control this but can work in ways to make adjustments. This helps prove to search engines like Google that your site should be trusted and should be ranked well. Other sites are responsible for your site uplifting in this case; you have little to no control over this.

Backlinks and internal linking are the two major parts of link building, link building is part of the ways to boost your site traffic in Google. You must make sure you take the necessary action to make sure your site gets good links for proper trust and recognition from Google.

  • Internal linking is done directly from your site when you link to another post on your site, it is the best way to get your ranking flowing. You pass authority to other weak posts and it gets recommended to Google as a comprehensive then you begin to experience a great turnaround.
  • Backlinks are generated when your site post URL gets linked to other sites, this one helps lift your blog and bring your blog on top of other competitors. To make backlinks worth the while you should aim to get backlinks from high authority blogs in your niche, without that backlinks might seem useless and regarded as spam. You cannot cheat Google, so it is recommended you play nicely on the hunt for backlinks.

When link building is done properly you will see a huge change in your site ranking and traffic, it is known that high authority blogs rank for the bigger keywords and this means bigger traffic.

6. Build an Email Listing (Email Marketing)

Email marketing is one major way to drive recurring traffic to your blog, never miss or lose any of your visitors, this helps you build a mutual relationship.

The relationship then results in as a gain for you as a blogger and also your blog visitors who want to learn, this makes it easy for you to keep them posted about the latest updates.

Show them what they have missed while they were away, and then give them the full gist when they click to open your emails.

To get started with email marketing you have to register with an email marketing service provider, we have Mailchimp, SendPulse, and others.

These email marketing service providers make it easier for you to build your email list and send them notifications.

When you register with one of the available email marketing service providers you will be given an opt-in form to capture subscribers, that is when your blog visitors love your contents they then take action to join in.

There are few ways to build an email list, the most simple and best way to build an email list is by crafting an eBook or gives out gifts that can help your blog visitors, and then you capture them as subscribers in order to eligible for the offer.

When you have people subscribed to your blog you can then send out newly published posts and market them to them.

This way you can be certain to drive traffic if you really created a wonderful post with a catchy title.

One of its advantages is that you can get good conversions, and can expect people of certain numbers to turn up with past statistics.

7. Start a YouTube Channel

This may sound funny but it’s real, among the ways to drive traffic to your blog is the method of starting at a YouTube Channel.

If you are creative and crafty you can make extra money from starting a YouTube channel and also drive traffic to your blog with this not so untapped traffic source.

You can save yourself the stress of writing long-form content by creating 20-25 minutes of quality video content and then target the audience.

With video content creation you can save time, if your video contents prove useful and relevant you will excel in the vlogging game.

If you have any special skill or you are talented doing some things extraordinary and wow people, alongside you can place your blog link to bring in YouTube audience to your blog.

Unlike blogging, YouTube is less competitive compared to starting a blog now, with consistent use of keywords and high-quality videos you will start seeing changes in months.

YouTube can also help you sell your products if you have any, driving traffic is easy when you refer your audience to your blog for more information, and vice versa you can refer people to your YouTube videos for visual information.

8. Join communities of niche minded

Driving traffic through niche-minded communities has proven effective in this era, you will find people who are ready to learn more about their niche in this section.

These people will follow and react to your every contribution consistently as long as you are giving them value.

Niche minded community can help you build followers; this does converts than blindly joining just any community.

To improve and gain large traction of the benefits involved you must strive to research and contribute meaningfully.  

Only follow communities that are related to your blog niches, this is considered to make the traffic you drive to your blog more effective.

Make people know you for your unique work, make yourself useful by submitting comprehensive contents that solve people’s problem.

There are lots of communities online which you can choose from, work on them consistently and you will see that it’s worth the time.

9. Host Round post of Bloggers and interviews

Hosting round posts featuring bloggers is one of the ways by which you can drive traffic to your blog.

Do the needful by extending your concern to other blog owners in the same niche as yours.

Create a long list and collect their ideas by reading through their past blog contents or reach out to them manually and ask for their opinion on the particular post.

Work effectively by making that content informative and comprehensive as much as possible, then you back it up with a well-crafted blog title and well-designed featured image to sparkle reactions.

Now design the blog post content by using a beautiful template to make it more attractive and shareable.

Hosting interviews on your blog is a step to take to drive in more new blog visitors, ask pro bloggers the right question and you can be sure to have people swarming in to read and digest.

Knowledge is power, with that people can start learning new skills and things through your blog, exposing your blog to potential visitors that convert.

Then you can go on by publishing that post and then get words out to all those featured bloggers and ask them nicely to share it with their audiences.

This is sure to expand your blog exposure to the public, these bloggers’ audience will share your blog post and that alone can drive your massive traffic or give you a new audience.

10. Promote your blog on Social media networks

I guess you already know about this strategy of driving traffic to your blog, social media networks are one of the sources to increase your blog traffic.

There are lots of social media networks online such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

To get started, create a page for your blog brand on each social media network platform and then invite people to follow.

You can use this channel to introduce your blog to a whole new world of the audience, instead of using your social media page to work on things that won’t make you money.

You can diversify the publicity for generating passive income. Start by creating a Facebook page and invite people to like and follow your blog.

Set up a Twitter account and Instagram page to continue, use these as the face of your blog brand, and improvise.




Now that you have learned some new proven strategies that can help you drive stable traffic to your blog.

It is time to go out and market your blog, use these strategies to drive traffic with a consistent process.

Word of advice, all these strategies cannot work at once, and it is a must for you to work on two to four strategies to know which will prove effective.

Go out and make money with your blog with these strategies, be patient with your progress as there is no get-rich-quick scheme. See you at the top!  

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Ryan K Biddulph February 7, 2021 - 5:13 pm

Good job Eniola. I think I am done publishing new content on my blog. Now it is time to beef up the 4000 plus posts I published already, creating the comprehensive content you speak of. All about the abundance mentality, right?


Eniola Samuel February 8, 2021 - 2:00 am

Your blogging dedication is like no other, I still hope to become a little like you are. 4000+ unique posts are no small feat. It is a great way to relax and enjoy.

Ryan K Biddulph February 17, 2021 - 4:42 pm

Thanks as always!



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