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Do you treat blogging Seriously? Learn how to

by Ben Larweh

Blogging seriously is one thing to do if you want to skyrocket your blogging success rate, this post will help you get determined.

I am up at 11:40 PM after another 12-14 hour day between my blogging work, mindset work, and bodywork.

I spend 3-4 hours daily working on my mindset and exercising. Working on my mindset and exercising factors big-time into my blogging campaign.

How could I be energized enough to blog every day for the past 5 years unless I trained my mind and body?

I also spend hours blogging and guest posting daily. Toss in networking through genuine blog commenting and social media chatting and I clock 12 hour days or longer every day for years. How in the heck do I take blogging so seriously?

I realize the freedom this life affords me. Being a pro blogger lets me circle the globe. I have fun blogging. I have fun enjoying a life of travel.

I love helping people. But on a deeper level, I have intimately observed how blogging gives me what I give blogging. Taking blogging seriously allows blogging to take me seriously.

Honestly guys; you get through blogging what you give to blogging. Allow that idea to seep into your mind until the concept becomes seared on your subconscious mind. Give to get.

Never, ever will you NOT take blogging seriously if you understand the full meaning of giving and getting.

Bloggers quit on blogging quickly, easily, and way too often. I observe bloggers give up on writing a post after facing a writer’s block for 5 minutes.

How do you expect to succeed if you take blogging as seriously as an airy thought, a lifeless hobby, a passing fad?

Think about it; imagine if you took your 9-5 job as seriously as you take blogging in your most lax moments? Every lazy blogger would be fired from their job if they were just as lazy working their 9-5 gigs.

Take blogging seriously by blogging mainly for a fun, freeing driver. Find out what that means for you. I blog because I love experiencing the fun and freedom of circling the globe.

I also enjoy helping human beings become successful bloggers. Holding these freeing intentions nudges me outside of my comfort zone.

I do sometimes uncomfortable things because I treat blogging seriously. I treat blogging seriously because I value freedom more than being scared to face my fears.

Follow my lead. Focus heavily on your most fun, freeing life. Be more serious about blogging by knowing why you blog. Find vast stores of energy you never knew you had.

Unearth long-ignored, or previously unknown, talents. I had no idea I could write for a lick but committing 100% to blogging proved otherwise.

Ditto for my camera presence; I believed I was shy guy Rye but being ALL IN with blogging revealed I was a ham, on video.

I only figured out these talents by being committed to blogging. I only committed to blogging because I valued freedom over living in comfort.

Do not give up after facing a writer’s block for a few moments. Do not treat blogging like a passive hobby you may or may not get around to.


Every successful blogger knows blogging is a serious skill one develops after practicing seriously for years. I spent a good 10000 to 15000 hours blogging over 12 years.

Hey; how else could I write a helpful 600-word post in 12 minute flat. Blogging is no joke! But if you put in the time, practice, and commit to this gig, you will be stunned at where blogging takes you.


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