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Do You Get Hung Up on Getting Blog Comments? Solve that

by Ben Larweh
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I reviewed one blog laying out common blogging problems.

Most seemed to be actual common blogging problems; I agreed with the majority of these blogging boo boo’s.

The blogger discussed not getting blog comments as one such problem. But the alleged problem is no problem.

Some bloggers assume one needs to get comments to succeed. But bloggers succeed by helping readers freely for a long time.

Whether you do or do not draw commenters to your blog does not affect how well you help readers with your blog content.

I experienced greater success after closing blog comments. I did enjoy reading and replying to blog comments on Blogging From Paradise.

But spammers gave me a distaste for keeping comments open.

Spammers filled my spam queues, ate up space on my server, and proved to be a heavy anchor on my blog, brand, and business.

A high volume of blog traffic proved to be utterly worthless as spam comments increased on my blog. 

I made a tough but clear decision: I closed blog comments on my blog. I never looked back.

Bloggers wrongly fret and sweat not getting blog comments. Getting comments is mainly an ego trip.

Bloggers need edification for all the hard work bloggers put into their blogs.

But becoming a pro blogger involves 1000’s of blogging work-hours in private, in quiet, with no one watching.

Some readers eventually comment on your blog. Other readers never comment on your blog.

Who cares? Do you need reader feedback? Or would you simply appreciate blog traffic, blogging profits, and positioning yourself to become a professional blogger?

Most blog readers will always be lurkers. Lurkers crawl around in the cyber shadows, never commenting or contacting you but supporting your blog, brand and business loyally, over years.

Stop tripping over yourself to get blog comments. Create helpful content.

Bond with bloggers by commenting genuinely on respected blogs in your niche.

Monetize your blog freely. Promote yourself just as freely. Success will find you.

Position yourself to be a pro by focusing your attention and energy on what matters.  Let go of what does not matter.


Getting blog comments ultimately does not matter because no one pays you for comments.

No one buys your stuff or hires you solely on the blog comments you receive. True; getting blog comments can help to build your blogging community.

But blog communities ultimately grow if you generously serve your readers, listen to their email and social media feedback, and persistently, patiently, and doggedly help your readers.

Do you want to know the real blog commenting mistake? Bloggers obsess over getting blog comments to the point of giving way too much attention and energy to getting comments.

Who cares?! Stop giving hours to getting comments. Give hours to adding blogging income streams. Give hours to guest posting.


Give hours to networking with pro bloggers in your niche. Give hours to commenting genuinely on other blogs in your niche.

Create. Connect. Monetize. Persist. Be patient. Be generous. Take your time. Focus on what matters.

Comments indicate someone has clarity enough to share their thoughts on your blog.

Comments suggest nothing else in terms of your blog post value, community, and blogging business.

Keep comments open if you enjoy keeping comments open. But consider closing comments if comments – or obsessing over comments – forms an energetic anchor for your blogging campaign.

As with all aspects of your blogging career; keep what feels good and let go of what feels bad.

Immense blogging success is found by bloggers who follow their fun. Be someone who blogs their passion and let’s go everywhere else.


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