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Can You Lose Writing Momentum? – Ultimate Solution

by Ryan Biddulph
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You ARE the writing momentum. No momentum can lose momentum because you choose to gain or lose writing momentum.

Nothing or no one outside of you has any bearing on your writing momentum unless you allow things and folks to affect your writing mojo in any way.

I was reading 5-star reviews for my eBook:

How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook

One reviewer explained how I helped her overcome her head trash, writing-wise.

I help you remove head trash, writing-wise, with this title. You likely believe you gain and lose blogging momentum, or writing momentum.

Some believe they get and lose blogging ideas. Not true. 100% not true.

Writer’s block? Yep; this handcuffs most writers at some time during their careers. But the idea is simply fear.

Writers fear something or someone and writer’s block or momentum loss is the result.

The writer did not suffer some intense, unsolvable problems. Nope. No writer loses momentum. You are momentum.

I am momentum. We are everything. Fear appears in your mind. Resisting the fear creates momentum loss. Avoiding the fear creates momentum loss.

Facing the fear head-on lets you feel and release the fear; writing momentum gain soon follows.

Forget the idea that you could actually lose writing momentum. Gain steam. Let go folks who complain about losing momentum or complain about some other mental block that is not true.

Build Your Writing Momentum

Write your next blog post now. Help someone now. Promote your blogging course now. Promote your eBooks now. Promote your paperbacks now.

Gain success momentum. I built my writing momentum by promoting my eBook earlier in this post and by writing these words.

Instantly, I picked my writing momentum up even more by doing these 2 things. I feel excited knowing you can benefit from this guest post and via my eBook.

I gained writing mojo; now I will edit and update an old post from my blog. My writing momentum builds.

Isn’t that neat? Exciting? Fun? My momentum increased just a little bit more.

How cool. I feel energized to glide through the rest of my blogging day.

I just took a conscious, mindful step to increase my blogging momentum.

That rule rings true for you, too. YOU choose to keep gaining or losing blogging momentum. Nothing forces you to lose blogging momentum.

Being tired does not force you to lose blogging momentum. Running into resistance with your blog cannot force you to lose blogging momentum. Impossible. This cannot happen.

No blogger can force you to lose blogging momentum. No critic or 1 star reviewer can force you to lose blogging momentum, either. Nope.

100% of the time, gaining or losing blogging momentum is entirely your choice. Gaining or losing blogging momentum is a personal decision.

It is you; not anything or anyone outside of you, that leads to a momentum gain, or, momentum loss.


Uncovering this truth frees you but also stings your ego. Ego loves to make all types of excuses for failing, struggling to blog. Goodness, I clung to all types of blogging momentum causes, for losing my mojo.

During my failed blogging days at least. Life did get easier and easier when I let go of the excuses and chose to slowly but steadily gain blogging momentum every single day.

Blogging is a breeze if you choose to keep gaining momentum because creating content and building connections gets easier and easier.

Blogging becomes tough if you make conscious choices to lose blogging momentum.

Literally, it is all on you. Only you make the choice whether to gain or lose blogging momentum today, tomorrow, or into next week.

I know what I’m choosing; I’m all about gaining momentum. How about you?


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