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Blogging: Test the Limits With Pro Tips

by Ryan Biddulph
Test the limits

Test the limits of your blogging abilities.

Do not force yourself. Do not push yourself. Do not work yourself to the bone.

But you better edge into uncomfortable situations to find out how your success will expand.

I read today how Jeff Bezos plans to retire from Amazon soon. He is the richest man in the world. Everybody knows Amazon.

I see Amazon Prime trucks delivering goods around the clock here in my native New Jersey, in the United States.

But even though people know of his immense success now, few understand how he tested the limits early during his entrepreneurial career.

People freely share how his company nets billions during high sale days but few freely share how Amazon experienced net income losses for millions of dollars years into his career.

How much do you believe Bezos tested his limits during those days? He secured all types of capital for investments, made promises on returns, then worked diligently for years, testing his limits, to eventually turn those millions of dollars of losses into massive gains.

Think of how much he left his comfort zone to ask for seed money? He received massive investments with the added pressure to bring massive returns for his investors.

Embody aspects of his campaign with your blogging campaign. Test your limits.

Versus working like a mindless animal, be a generous giver who tests the bounds of your comfort zone.

No one feels comfortable testing their limits because fear awaits all bloggers who try new things, who seize opportunities, and who fail.

Welcome to the pro blogging journey! Pros seize opportunities, edge outside of their comfort zone one baby step at a time, and learn about their true blogging abilities.

Bloggers tend to play small. Bloggers just want to get by.

Why just get by when you can thrive? Why survive when you can free yourself through a professional blogging career?

Everything hinges on your basic blogging intent. What is your core intent? Choose fun. Choose freedom.

Choose to be generous. Freedom-seeking bloggers take uncomfortable steps to test the limits of their comfort zone.

Follow their lead. Be a freedom-seeker. Write and publish 1 blog post and 1 guest post daily.

Read and comment on 15 blogs daily. Never rush to reach a goal.

But set goals edging you baby steps outside of your comfort zone to test your limits.

Blogging success finds bloggers who edge forward to discover what they can do versus knowing what they cannot do. Be one of those bloggers.


Surround yourself with inspired bloggers who test the limits. Feed off of their inspired energy. Feast on their willingness to test their limits. I gain inspiration from bloggers who freely try to be more every single day.

I admire their accomplishments. I love their work ethic. I find my own way, testing my limits by observing these rocking, pro bloggers.

Build a blogger buddy network of successful bloggers who choose freedom over fear. Be one of these bloggers by surrounding yourself with inspirational bloggers.

How did you test your blogging limits today? Wait for an answer to this serious question. Be straight with yourself.

Remember guys; inch outside of your comfort zone. Write and publish just 1 more blog comment today.


Broadcast a live video for the first time. Begin a genuine guest posting campaign. Everything depends on you testing your blogging limits not later, but now.

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