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Best Free WordPress Push Notification Plugins (review)

by Ben Larweh
Best Free WordPress Push Notification plugins

Best Free WordPress Push Notification Plugins

The top thing on every website owner is to get constant traffic coming to their blogs daily.

With the aim of bringing back old users to come read your blog post and interact with them is what you definitely wish for.

There are lots of ways to bring back your old site visitors to read more of your newer post, ranging from creating an engaging email campaign, creating a large social media community to boost your blog presence, and also running a promotion to outreach more potential customers.

Using Push Notifications service recently have a spike in its usage, site owners now use Push notification service than ever.

Push notification service can be used to help interact with your blog audience by giving them more new post notification.

It boosts the percentage of users that will return to your site after going away for some time.

I am going to share with you the best push notification plugin to use in reaching your blog audience better.

How do WordPress Push Notification Plugins work?
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A push notification is an automated message sent out to subscribed website visitors (previous) when they are away.

For a new website visitor to receive push notification he will be asked if he would love to receive new posts notification directly to their browser by accepting.

Once they accept the request, they will be notified in the future directly to their device’s browsers when you make changes to your site either by publishing a new post or create special offers or products.

 Benefits of Push Notifications
  • Push notification indicates that people that are subscribed to your blog are interested in your niche
  • It helps convert your blog subscribers into a community (reaction with posts)
  • Push notification helps drive traffic to your post both new and old post
  • It helps convert subscribers into a sale funnel to increase sales

One thing you must note is that you should never frustrate your blog subscribers with too many push notification, send out minimal numbers of posts.

Before choosing a push notification plugin you should check for the following feature:

  • Optin form
  • Supported devices
  • Notification customization option
  • Quantity of push notification you allowed to send
  • Analytics options
  • Control over messages sent

With these in our mind, let’s start by listing out some of the Best Free WordPress Push Notification plugins

Best Free WordPress Push Notification plugins

OnesignalOneSignal WordPress push notification

This is one of the best free WordPress plugins that provide you with unlimited desktop and mobile push notifications.

It is one of the most popular push notification plugins online, it has a wide range feature.

It supports browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. The plugin offers you opt-in form customization options.

You are allowed to set the timing and display location settings to improve subscription.

Onesignal allows you to A/B test your messages to know which ones are having a better conversion rate.


Also, you have all your newly published posts push notifications sent automatically and you can send reminders to people who haven’t visited your site for some time.

The plugin gives you the option to schedule messages and be delivered in the future based on your site visitor’s time zone and the last time they visited.

Gravitec.netgravitec WordPress push notification

One of the best free WordPress push notification plugins, it is a good plugin that allows you to send fast and efficient web push notifications to your site readers.

This plugin gives you the option to notify your site readers about your newly published content through a browser like Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

It offers other advanced features you will like to have in your grasp. Advanced features such as:


Unique push digest of your blog popular posts, drip campaigns to invite new subscribers to your site, subscription prompt, and automated notification based on your site RSS feed.

Gravitec.net works great any devices such as Desktop or Mobile device, all your blog readers will get notifications directly and instantly.

To get started with grevitec.net you need to sign up. Once you sign up, you will get a promising forever free plan that will allow you to have up to 30,000 subscribers.

This is a great feature as other plugins offer less, the plan also offers you unlimited notifications.

To enjoy unlimited subscribers and users you have to upgrade to a business plan which is as cheap as $4 for a starter.

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Sendpulsesendpulse WordPress push notification

This plugin is one of the Best Free WordPress Push Notification plugins, it is considered to be better than most.

Sendpulse allows you to send out instant push notifications to your subscribers.

The option makes your readers get notified as soon as a new post is published and when you have you are hosting live chat or you have a new item for sale in your store.

It is a great plugin that helps increase your site post engagement and to help return runaway visitors.

It provides up to 2,500 free subscribers and allows you to send 15,000 messages a month. You have access to real-time statistics.

Sendpulse works on multiple browsers provide offline notifications, gives options to customize segments, and sends personalized messages.

To enjoy more subscribers and send unlimited emails you need to upgrade your plan.

You can also A/B split test for WordPress, send bulk messages, and others.


This is another Best Free WordPress Push Notification plugin to use with your WordPress site.

To start enjoying the features the plugin has to offer, you need to signup for a free account.

The plugin gives you the option to send push notifications over HTTP/S, schedule campaigns, send posts automatically.

You also have the option to add your own title, logo, message, and also add a link to your notification.

It gives you access to add UTM parameters to track your sent push notification via Google Analytics.

Subscriberssubscribers web push

Another great free push notification plugin for your WordPress site, to get started with Subscribers.com you need to sign up and get an account.

As soon as you set up you will be able to send out a push notification to your subscribers.

It supports various browsers such as Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox, and Safari but it only Desktop users that will receive push notifications.

You can send automatic new pushes notifications, subscribers have GDPR ready, and also live pushes are supported.


Above is the list of the Best Free WordPress Push Notification plugins, These plugins work best based on my review.

However, you can choose your preferred plugin and then put it to use.

These plugins help capture your site users and convert them into a daily post reader.

With these plugins, you will be able to increase your blog traffic.

Kindly comment if you have issues or you have other recommended push notification you think we can add to the list.

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