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Best Image Compression Plugins for WordPress Site

by Eniola Samuel
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Best image compression plugins

As site speed is important, we all know what part speed takes in site ranking on Google search. It has been taken into consideration as a ranking factor by Google.

Compressing your site images is one of the ways to speed up your site loading time.

Image compression plugins help you optimize your WordPress site images for more speed and high performance.

This article contains a list of the best plugins to use when there is a need for site image compression.

The need for WordPress image compression

During my research in speed optimization solutions, I have come to learn that site Images are weightier in size and when compared to site plain text it is less in weight.

Although we have Images as a guide that portrays meanings to your site article, it explains all words can’t explain.

Even with all image advantages it still slows down your site if not well take care of.

Make use of image editing software such as Photoshop or another the does the work well.

Using image editing software gives you control over the design and quality of your site’s images.

It can be so stressful when optimizing images in software and bloggers counts this as hard work.

Luckily for you, you have access to various plugins who can do the compression job easier and faster for you.

The hard job here is finding the best image compressing plugin to use for more efficient and quality work.

Here is the list of the best image compression plugins

1.      Robin Image Optimizer

Robin Best image compression

Robin image Optimizer

This plugin is an efficient image compressing tool; it compresses your site image by reducing its weight.

Robin Image Optimizer reduces your site image weight by 80% without causing any loss of quality.

It is a handful tool that uses an advanced image optimizing engine that optimizes image efficiently and faster.

For all the quality features it remains free to all site owners and also it has no limitation to how you can use the image optimizing or the number of images that can be optimized.

Benefits of using Robin Image Optimizer Plugin

No limitation on the number of images you can compress or the compression quality

It offers automatic cron feature that saves you time, no need to wait until the optimization process is done

Takes one to two minutes of an optimization process

It uses the manual mass-optimization tool as you only need to click on the Optimize button

Image back up feature, before the image optimization starts your site original images are back up to prevent loss of images. You can then restore back your site images if compressed wrongly.

You get to choose compression mode (normal, regular, high) the higher the image compression the lower the quality, and also the lower the image weight, I can always say you choose regular for normal quality.

Automatic Image optimization starts on boot

You can reduce image weight by changing image size and pre-optimize.

Well detailed statistics on images that have been optimized

You can optimize site images such as PNG, JPG, GIF (animated pic)

Option to disable EXIF image data remover

2.      Image Optimization and lazy load Optimole

optimole best compression plugins


This plugin is a well-equipped tool for total image compression. It uses a clean and modern interface.

The plugin requires you to create an account and then get the API key and insert it. Once you do that you have access to a dashboard where you can optimize images and you will be able to make modifications.

One about Optimole is that it has its own separate dashboard outside WordPress, There you will be able to find more details regarding Images optimization size and reports.

Benefits of using Optimole

It offers settings such as Image lazy loading, resizing of large images, and compression quality

Automatic image optimization

It provides CDN to serve images faster

Tracking and image monitoring are part of its features

It offers a free plan that gives you 5,000 visitors per month and also unlimited image serving bandwidth for small sites.

3.      Imagify

Imagify best compression plugins


It is another image compression tool with good features. It offers categorized tools such as General, Settings, Optimization, and also Display Options.

This plugin is almost the same as with the look and feel of the dashboard.

Benefits of Imagify

Also optimizes well than most plugins

It provides a free plan

It changes the size of images per request

You can use the Aggressive optimization settings

Offers Normal (Lossless) and Ultra (lossier)

Reduces images weight more

4.      Resmush.it

resmush it best compression plugins

resmush it

This plugin is one for the best WordPress image compression plugin. It offers you the option to automatically optimize images as you upload and also you get the bulk optimization option (old image)

It makes use of API to reduce the size of images and gives you the option to choose the level of optimization of uploaded images.

Contains disadvantages as it limits the size of image optimization to size lower than 5MB.

Only offers limited compression levels and pro features to do some basic optimization.

5.      Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush best image compression plugins


This plugin is awesome and does its work efficiently.

With its beautiful interface that includes features that give you the option to Optimize existed images and recently uploaded one.

It shows you detailed information on the amount of space you saved and the image you compressed using its tools.

You can use the plugin Bulk optimization option which helps optimize lots of images at a time.

It offers a free plan which limits the amount of 50 images you can optimize at a time; however, you can do that again and again if you have a lot of images to optimize.

Freely you can optimize unlimited images, but with a limit to lossless compression for the free version and 1mb limit of an image.

To make use of the lossy compression feature of Smush you have to upgrade your existing plan to the pro version.

This is why it is listed among the list of the Best image compression plugin.


With the list of the best image compression plugins, you can optimize your site image, reduce page weight, and increase site speed.

Follow this post for more updates and experience more tutorials on how to speed up your site speed.

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