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Best Ad Networks For Beginner Bloggers

by Eniola Samuel
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Talking about the best ads network that is of good use on a blog, we mean the one that works for you.

If you are a blogger that wants to make money from your blog you will understand the importance of good ad networks.

Choosing the best ads network helps you monetize your blog in the right way without disturbing your blog user experience through navigation.

Although there are a lot of ways of earning money through your blog.

One of the easiest methods is by placing advertisements in your blog advertisement space.

Placing ads on your blog helps you earn potential income.

Ads placement doesn’t require much stress as other monetizing methods available, you will make your money smoothly with no hindrance one you follow guidelines.

The best ad networks for a publisher is the topic of the content. I’ll list out the best ad networks for publishers.

These ad networks are the most ad networks that are legit and secure to use without getting scammed.

In this post, I will discuss the easy ways of using these ads networks and their requirements.


Here are the best ad networks to use :

1. Google Adsense

Google AdSense best ad networks

Google Adsense is one of the best ad networks in the whole world.

It is tested and trusted by all bloggers and companies around the globe Google Adsense is an ads network that pays publishers based on COST PER CLICK (CPC) ads.

Getting approval from Google Adsense is not so easy. You have to follow each and every of their guidelines to get approved into their ad networks system.

I could say that Google Adsense is the best since it’s owned by Google, you always get to display quality ads on your blog.

This ad will increase your user’s navigation experience without making your blog look laggy,

Google Adsense ads are so tempting that no user would be discouraged to click on your ads because they are clean.

As I said earlier, getting Google Adsense is very difficult because they are so rich in advantages to be earned by publishers, this takes after a saying “Good things are hard to get ”

Adsense has a minimum payout threshold of $100, which is very easy for you to reach and get paid if you know how to maximize your earnings with Google Adsense.

Getting decent traffics also helps you a lot in getting more good income.

There are a lot of good ways of increasing your blog traffic.

Google Adsense pays through cheque, wire transfer, and western union. Every blogger has a dream of becoming a publisher with Google Adsense.


2. Media.net

Media net

This is another great ads networks for all bloggers both new and old bloggers. Media is a well-known ad network that offers contextual ads of CPM, CPC, and CPA programs.

The ad network is powered by two great search engines: BING and YAHOO that makes the quality of their ads so great and the publisher also gets high-end adverts quality.

Media.net adverts are different in quality compared to some other ads networks. Their adverts always look matchy-matchy.

Media.net has a minimum payout of $100 and pays through PayPal and Webmoney. They are not strict regarding traffic requirements.

So because of this, small publishers are always welcome to try their luck any time as long as they have good and unique content which is also genuine.


3. Propellerads


This is an ads network that is easy, fast, and trusted in the community of bloggers.

A lot of bloggers love the ads network because of its instant approval system.

Propellerads is an ads network that works across multiple screens or platform types be it mobile, desktop, software, and games, etc.

Propeller Ads offer a lot of advertising options including CPM, CPA, and CPC ads programs. They offer real-time reporting for all their ads format.

This helps the publisher to be able to track the performance of their ads and to make more improvements.

PropellerAds is another ad network to join if you intend to get instant approval; I have seen some newbie bloggers starting with the ad network and it seems they pay.

It offers all kinds of ads such as banner, pop-under, and interstitials and that is plenty of ways to earn.

They extend their deal with a site that is of technology and digital.

The ad network provides strong support for mobile sites and apps to deliver well-optimized ads.

You get access to more ads optimizing tools to improve your earnings. It has a large publisher community to help you get information.

Offers technology that helps bypass AdBlock, it can use when you have Adsense approval too.

It has little disadvantages such as:

  • Provision of lower CPMs
  • No header bidding
  • Ads option is limited for new users

Payments are made every 30 days interval, once you meet the payout requirement.

You can get your payment through the following option:

  • PayPal – $50 payout
  • Payoneer – $100 payout
  • Wire transfer – $500 payout

Propellerads approves easily, with no waiting or submitting forms for reviews. You get to show ads as soon as you add your website to the ads network.


4. Chitika


Chitika is an ads network that’s way too cool to resist. It is one of the ad networks you should try out because of its high quality.

It is considered to be popular among all bloggers both new and old bloggers. Some of the bloggers consider using Chitika as their alternative to Adsense.

Chitika gives you the honor of getting approval easily and it chose to be with no minimum traffic requirement for a blogger when joining the ads network.

Chitika’s minimum payout is kinda low because it’s only $10 for PayPal and cheque is $50.

This is a great feature, Chitika is good but it doesn’t love invalid clicks as it will ban your account as soon as it detects that you have an invalid action.


5. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser is an ads network that is old but functional and trusted among all bloggers.  They are so unique and well efficient.

Bidvertiser offers so many types of ad formats. This ad format helps a lot of bloggers in choosing the best ads format that fits right in their blogs.

Although they do not offer many high-quality ads they are so easy to use, as time goes on you will get to make a good income.

Bidvertiser’s minimum payout is low, with its payout being $10 this makes the ads network great. They pay through cheque, PayPal, and bank transfer.


6. Adsterra


Adsterra is a large ad network growing every day with various ad formats and improving brands using the ad network service.

It includes more impressing solutions and results for publishers and advertisers using the platform.

You can monetize your site traffic easily as Adsterra provides user-friendly ads that will make publishers ad a 100% fill rate using the highest CPM as possible.

The ads that are served on the publisher’s website have a fraud detection system. To ensure your site is free from malware you get protection.

Currently, Adsterra serves more than 10 billion ads impressions per month covering 190 countries in total.

You get your personal manager whether you are a publisher or advertiser, they help you solve issues you might encounter and how to make the best of the platform.

They provide a wide variety of ads type and different forms of payments to choose from.

Things you must know is that you must apply with your custom domain, no subdomain is allowed.

Payments are made twice in 30 days making it faster than others

Here is their payment method

ePayments- $5 payout

Paxum – $5 payout

Webmoney – $5 payout

Paypal – $100 payout

Bitcoin – $100 payout

Wire transfer – $1000 payout

With the above ads network you will be able to make good income and soon you will become of the great bloggers 🙂 .
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