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Best Free CDN Providers to Speed Up Your Blog

by Eniola Samuel
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Talking About the best Free CDN Providers

What is CDN

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a series of servers that are located around the world, it was made to help serve our website’s files to its visitor from the server nearest to the user’s location.

CDN is needed for websites as it continues to grow in traffic, this help makes your website load fast for multiple users at the same time without any issue.

This helps reduce bandwidth usage and high-cost payment for CPU usage.

The Need For CDN

Google now made it known to all bloggers that its algorithm now makes use of a site’s speed in the process of ranking.

Site’s users also get pissed off when a site loads longer than 3 seconds, they quickly leave the site and this causes an increase in bounce rate which will affect the site’s ranking.

I also wrote about the best free plugin to speed up your WordPress site recently, in the post I listed out the need for speed and how to do the speeding of the site right.

About CDN
  1. Series of servers
  2. They are made available around the world
  3. They help load the website’s static files such as images, video, PDF, and static libraries such as JavaScript and CSS files with the nearest server to the user’s location.
  4. Helps reduce bandwidth and CPU usage cost.
List Of CDN Providers

Now I’m listing out the available CDN providers that give Forever-free plan to all users.

These CDN providers also have limits; they are limited in some areas of the point of need.

Anyways, they are free forever for you to get started, and then you can pay later to upgrade to premium to have access to great features.

Note: I am listing theme out according to their features

List of the Best Free CDN Providers

1. Cloudflare

It is one of the Best Free CDN Providers we’ve always known and we’ll ever know.

It gives lots of features for free and the best part of this is that they are free forever plan.

Learn how to set Cloudflare up for your WordPress website using easy methods.

Benefits Of Cloudflare
  • They provide 115 data centers to serve your site user’s fast access to your site using the nearest server location to the users.
  • They enable caching, showing cached pages to your site user reducing bandwidth,, and high CPU usage.
  • You can always rely on their Security, gives protection against basic DDoS attack.
  • They provide the features you can’t resist in speeding up the site. Features such as Brotli page compression, JavaScript, CSS and HTML compression,, and more other features.
  • They provide a well-coded plugin for your WordPress site to make things easier for you to use. Fast optimization from your dashboard.
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2. Incapsula

Incapsula is one of the Best Free CDN Providers too.

Since they work side by side with Cloudflare. Helping to optimize your WordPress site with the basic speed features such as:

  • Routing your site’s traffic through their globally distributed network (CDN) using their High End Severs, this is similar to CloudFlare’s features, you’ll to apply some changes in DNS.
  • They provide real-time site threat analysis of all the incoming traffic and blocking these web threats including basic DDoS attacks prevention.
  • They provide proper site acceleration in speed to make your user see the pages of your site quickly as possible.

3. Photon by Jetpack

This is worth mentioning too, although this is no new news for WordPress site owners. Not all WordPress site owners know about Jetpack special feature.

They provide a great feature called Photon, this was created to speed up your WordPress site by serving your site’s images on their powerful CDN service.

They also provide lazy loading feature for the images they serve on their CDN, thereby making your site load incredibly fast.

You just have to install and activate this plugin, it is easy as ABC to control or make use of.


CORAL CDN is one of the best CDN providers out there, It is forever free because it was created peer-to-peer CDN.

This a public CDN was created by MIT Students utilizing the power of billions of computers across the internet to serve as its data centers.

CoralCDN is great that distributes your content across the internet really fast, getting the content reaching your site users as fast as it can be.

It requires you to adapt your site URL appending to the subdomain <.nyud.net>. Then they will be able to serve your site users the static content and them experiencing fast navigation through your site.

Your site URL looks like this after appending the subdomain “Yoursitename.nyud.net”.

5.  Swarmify

Swarmify is another exclusive worth mentioning. It is of great quality, it helps speed up the site too using the peer-to-peer (P2P) CDN.

It is most important for WordPress based site to have the

plugin installed to enjoy the speed benefits it has to offer.

They have their incredibly fast server around the sum 196 countries and

they offer you free 10GB image bandwidth storage in their free plan to speed up your site’s performance.

Serving your site’s image from CDN helps boost the loading time,

Reducing CPU usage and the use of bandwidth resulting in site speeding up.


I hope you find this helping. I’ll be dropping more hot posts on SEO OPTIMIZATION soon.

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